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Versatility, flexibility, and reliability combine to make StageRight portable staging and risers a great choice for corporate & conference facilities.

StageRight understands that your facility hosts a wide-range of events for a variety of programs, classes, organizations and community involvement. Use the same components to set up seating risers or stages in shapes and sizes that can change from one event to the next for optimum flexibility. Our multi-purpose staging can be configured as graduation stages; speaker platforms, music risers, theater stages, show-choir risers, head table risers, stage extensions, pit fillers, fashion show runways and concert stages, using the same decks and supports. For maximum stability in every configuration, and a return on investment that will make your budget go far, trust StageRight staging and risers for all your needs.


  • Acoustic Shells

    Performers and audiences alike will love the mix and projection of sound enhanced by our Acoustical Shells.

  • Decks


  • Event Staging

    Match the mood and tempo for each musical genre, from a brass quintet to an energetic show choir, with our versatile Portable Staging.

  • Music Risers

    StageRight's Band and Choral Risers allow your musicians to be seen and heard more clearly.

  • Theater Products

    Theater Products

  • Accessories


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