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“I simply love everything about the FR-36 Choral Risers. I truly don’t have enough positive things to say about this incredible product. To give you a quick backstory, the music boosters at my district purchased seven of these FR-36 Risers for our choral program a few years ago. We were looking to upgrade our older risers at the time and also I was looking to redesign the choral classroom in my district as well. I did lots and lots of research on all different types of choral risers and all different options and I kept coming back to the FR-36.

We currently use these risers, like I said, in our choral classroom every single day for our daily class and rehearsals and then we also use them for all of our concerts and I have to tell you, you cannot go wrong with purchasing these risers. They are incredibly affordable, especially when you are comparing them to all different types of brands and models of risers, these ones are incredibly affordable but they are also incredibly durable and high quality together, both durable and high quality. They last long. We’ve had these so far for three years and we’re using them daily in the classroom and they are almost still like brand new.

They are also very portable. The custodians at my district love these risers. All you have to do is flip them up, unlock the wheels, and roll away. They are so  portable; they’re so easy to set up. It has cut down on so much time setting up for concerts and it’s also made my classroom incredibly flexible since I use these risers daily in my classroom. If I need to move them for any reason, if I want to change something for a certain lesson or rehearsal that day I’m able to move them and place them anywhere in my room or I can just fold them up and and wheel them to the back of the room.

The possibilities are endless and what’s also cool, I haven’t personally purchased these yet, but you can also get the fourth step as well and that really is a nice added benefit that if as your program continues to expand or if someday you think that you want to buy the additional fourth step for larger events or larger concerts or whatever you would need them for, that’s a great option, but the customer service at StageRight is phenomenal. They make sure that you’re taken care of, they follow up with you, your product gets delivered on time seamlessly, and I just, like I said, I don’t have enough positive things to say. I’m so happy that our program decided to purchase these choral risers. They have just transformed everything about our daily class, they’ve transformed our concerts, they look professional, they have that back railing across the back that’s sturdy to keep students safe, and it also just looks really neat, clean, and professional. So, all in all, I love these choral risers. Do yourself and your program a favor and purchase these choral risers for your choral program. You will not be disappointed.”

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