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“Hi, this is Kip Weis from StageRight Corporation and today we’re in the Carver Center Studio inside the Civic Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan and this is their StageRight Black Box Theater Seating Riser System. In this multi-purpose space they host a variety of events and they use our seating riser system to accommodate all of them. They use our ZHD/ML Support Structures, our All-Purpose Reversible Decks with built-in sound attenuation to create a quiet, sturdy, versatile system that is easy to assemble. Set-up is simple; just sit the one piece folding support in place, unfold it, and attach your decks. You’re also able to bridge decks between supports which minimizes the number of units needed. This also minimizes the time it takes for leveling with the screw feet as there are fewer contact points with the floor. When you’re done using this seating riser system, the decks can be removed and the support units fold up for compact storage. A deck cart can also be purchased to make set up and tear down even easier. This system is highly customizable and can be ordered to fit your specific needs. It can be multiple different levels, curves can be made using pie decks, and stairs can be added. Many accessories are also available including guardrails, skirting, dimmable aisle lighting, and hard closures. Just imagine having a seating riser system with the versatility you need while being sturdy enough to make your patrons feel safe and comfortable. For more information, please contact us!”

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