3 Marching Band Field Cart Uses

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3 Marching Band Field Cart Uses

June 1, 2018

marching band carts

Field carts are a great tool for marching bands to have. The walk to the football field is usually a long way to carry heavy equipment and you don’t want to burn out your faithful volunteer parents who have offered to help. You also need to be able to get your equipment on and off the field quickly because time is of the essence. When considering what solutions are available, a few features that should be considered are that a good field cart will be able to secure the equipment in place to ensure safe transportation, allow for seamless movement on all surfaces, and have the ability to connect with other carts so you can move multiple carts at a time.  After you have considered these items, the next is to think about what you plan to move on the carts and how you are going to deploy them to maximize the impact.
Marching Band Cart
This article will go over 3 types of equipment that marching bands will use their field carts to carry and what advantage this offers you.

1. How to handle stationary percussion instruments

Percussion instruments like trap sets, timpani, or the wide range of other percussion instruments, can be carried on a cart to and from the field. The limited time frame, weight of the pieces, and number of items to get onto the field makes it’s an essential that you have a cart.  These also allow you to deploy at different locations on the field as needed. The beauty of this is that one person can move a field cart, while it can take multiple people to move some of these percussion instruments without one, which in turn, adds time and strain to your volunteer’s efforts. Certain cart systems allow you to connect multiple field carts together and haul them with an ATV or golf cart. This can also help save additional effort and time.

2. How to deploy your sound reinforcement

This is one of the most challenging elements to get on the field, supported with power, and deployed where and how you want them to not distract the band and enhance the performance. If you’re going to be amplifying your performance, you will need audio equipment such as speakers, an audio mixer, and microphones. These can be heavy to move and with placement in several locations around the field, carrying them by hand is not a good option.  When it is time to leave the field, this equipment needs to be picked up quickly and returned to the trailer for next time.  This process can be more efficient with the right tools and can make your time in transition go so much easier.

3. What to do about the color guard props

marching band flag cart

During the course of a marching band’s performance, the color guard may use many different props such as batons or different colored flags for each song. Deployment of these traditionally is the tried and true garbage can. Not only is this method disorganized, it can also take two people to carry once it’s filled with all the props that are needed. Keeping this equipment organized is vital and will save you time.

By considering different cart options that are purpose built, each performer can have their flags and other props in their own space. This will minimize confusion when setting up for the performance as each color guard member will have their equipment ready to go.


Field carts not only make it easier to transport equipment, they also help keep everything more organized. This is far more effective than trying to carry all your equipment by hand. Whether your marching band is large or small, saving time and being as efficient as possible is very important when it comes to getting on and off the field.

Project Spotlight

We recently provided field carts to Severna Park High School in Maryland.

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