3 Reasons More Black Box Theaters Are Using Telesopic Seating Risers

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3 Reasons More Black Box Theaters Are Using Telescopic Seating Risers

August 9, 2018

telescopic seating

Theaters and other similar performance venues have been changing over time to where having a flexible and portable space is almost a necessity due to the needs of different productions. For example, the requirements of a semi-permanent theatre troupe or in-house orchestra are very different than a touring show or local amateur theatre group. This space will help in keeping the venue successful and supported by the local community.

The most common approach is to create a space within the facility that can operate and help pay the bills when the main stage is not being used. Not only that, the main stage usually isn’t the best layout for every type of performance.

The ancillary area will have similar needs as the main space and will use portable stages, risers, shells, and other accessories that can be easily adjusted for different events. Aside from being flexible, this area is also intimate and requires products that don’t distract from the performance. Someone who is sitting in the third row and is fidgeting can impact the overall experience for others in the audience. So, having a seating riser that’s quiet and sturdy to prevent any noisy distractions is incredibly important.

So, when you are considering how to handle your seating in your black box theater and weighing if a demountable riser or telescopic riser system will be the best solution for you. We have laid out three primary reasons why you should consider using telescopic seating risers in this flexible space and how they have many advantages over more conventional demountable platforms or chairs.

Faster Setup with Less Staff Involvement

The first reason why telescopic seating risers are a great option is because they allow for quick setup due to the fact that you don’t have to lift anything or haul equipment from the storage room. The risers will deploy from their storage position which is usually right up against a wall as seen in the image here. They can be powered and require only the push of a button to deploy or retract. If they are not powered, all of the levels are connected together and just need to be pulled open to deploy and pushed shut for storage without any loose parts or extra components.

In addition to this, the actual seats can be integrated into the riser to reduce the need to deal with the storage and handling of loose folding or stack chairs. All of this translates into saved labor and lower conversion costs when hosting your events.

Better Overall Theater Experience

This style of riser allows you to provide a better-quality seating experience compared to loose chairs. A solid telescopic seating riser creates an environment where guests will feel as if they’re in a high-end traditional theatre seat that’s built-in. Providing the best experience possible will help ensure that audience members will return for future events.

Easier Storage

If you manage or work at a theater, you know how valuable storage space is. You require equipment that will take up as little space as possible when it isn’t in use. That’s the great thing about telescopic seating risers. They won’t use any of your precious storage space. They can deploy and retract quickly and accurately with just the push of a button, as we mentioned earlier. This positively affects your staff requirements as well as your storage space.

telescopic seating

All three of the points mentioned above are vital to putting on spectacular performances and having equipment that brings the three elements together are key to making the event memorable (in a positive way) for guests and for allowing your staff to operate with ease.

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telescopic seating
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