3 Signs of a Great Marching Band Tower

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3 Signs of a Great Marching Band Tower

marching band tower

A tower is a great tool for any marching band. The true benefit of this piece of equipment is that it gives the director the ability to see the entire group. As with anything, there are a few key factors that can make a specific tower great.  


A portable tower is a far better investment than a permanently built one because you will have the ability to move it to wherever you need it. It can be moved to any area of the field or even a different field entirely.

marching band tower on wheels

It should be able to roll to different areas and lock for safety once in place. The ability to also take it down and put it up when needed is paramount. This would be necessary in the off-season when marching band isn’t happening.


When standing 6’ in the air, you need to feel secure. A great marching band tower will be sturdy and safe. This is important when considering the use of cameras to film your marching formations. A solid platform will give you a much better shot to help your band be much more successful in the long run.


Space shouldn’t be overlooked. There should be enough room on the platform to stand comfortably along with a camera tripod or other gear. Occasionally two people may need to stand on the platform at once so there needs to be enough room for that, too. A size of 4’ X 8’ is ideal to meet all your spacing needs.


The three points above are the things that make a great marching band tower. Additionally, guardrails need to be used to keep the band director or camera operator safe.

Another item to think about is other teams or programs using the tower. The football team could also use it if it’s already set up at the practice field. This shared usage may make it easier for your school to make the investment.

Contact our team to get a portable tower for your marching band program.

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