5 Ways to Know You Need New Portable Stage Equipment

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5 Ways to Know You Need New Portable Stage Equipment

June 16, 2023

As with all equipment that we come to rely on in our daily lives, there comes a time when we need to consider replacement or an upgrade. It occurs in every aspect of our lives from our beloved automobiles to our major appliances. Portable staging is no exception and even after the years of reliable service, you need to do the analysis and make a determination if it is time for a change. We have explored some tell tale signs that a decision is needed. There are also positive reasons why you’ll need new portable staging equipment and we’ll touch on those point as well.

1. Deck Panel on your Riser is Sagging

If the deck on your portable stage is sagging, there is a good bet that they are no longer strong enough and it is time to think about replacement. This can happen to even the best equipment on the market after years and years of use. Typically, this scenario happens when the plywood has fatigued or is separating between the plies. This deck is compromised and should be removed from your active inventory to prevent any further damage to your performers, patrons or equipment.

stage deck

The nice part of a portable stage system in this situation, is that the deck can be replaced and you can have an almost new system operational with very little effort.

2. Your Equipment is Making More Noise

Creaking, screeching, and grinding are three words that shouldn’t be involved with your performance, at least not the platform for your performance.

If your equipment has started making more noise, that is one way to know that you may need to soon replace it. This can be a sign of metal fatigue and it may be caused by the weakening of metal over time due to stress which can cause small cracks to form. The areas where parts of the equipment connect together may become noisier over time as well from normal use. Noise is a good sign that your equipment is beginning to wear down and might not be as safe as it once was. Creaking equipment can also hinder your production if it’s loud enough because the audience will be focused on that instead of the performance.

3. Damage to your Support Pieces

Parts of your portable stage risers may get bent. This can happen if someone doesn’t use the equipment properly, but it can also happen from normal use over a long period of time. Your stage supports should be reviewed to determine if it is just a component part that can be replaced such as a brace.

portable stage

If the main frame is bent, then this is a case when replacements should be considered as the stage supports are designed to not only take the vertical loads from the top of the stage but also lateral loading from your dynamic performances. In these circumstance, it is good to contact your manufacturer’s representative to work through the best solutions.

4. Moving into a New Facility

There are also some positive reasons why you may need to buy new equipment. For example, a brand-new venue requires new equipment. Your grand opening should not happen on old, rickety platforms. Even if you do already have some equipment, it likely isn’t enough to properly host events in a new facility. When buying equipment for a new venue for the first time, make sure you consult with a reputable manufacturer, so they can design a system that’s perfect for your space. New options may exist that were not available when your last equipment purchase occurred.

5. Expansion of your Existing Facility

theatre expansion

If business is good and you’re expanding your performance space, you may need new equipment for your expanded area. This could be an enhancement of your existing inventory to give you the flexibility to meet the needs of the new space. It is always good to consider your expanded requirements and build an inventory that will help you address all new opportunities.


There are different reasons as to why you may be buying new equipment. A grand opening or remodeling will probably require a few extra risers.

Your equipment is also going to wear down over time, regardless of how well you take care of it. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs to look for that might indicate that it needs replaced or repaired. Ignoring these signs can only hurt your performances.

If your equipment is showing any of the signs above, or if you need equipment for a new facility or expansion project, contact our experts and we can help you find what you need.

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