Advantages of Tiered Seating

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Advantages of Tiered Seating

October 16, 2019

seating risers

Most production or performance events have a live audience. Whether it’s a talk show that has an in-studio audience of fans, a school band that has an audience of family and friends, or anything in between, the audience expects to have a good time. Now, why should you use audience risers as opposed to just having chairs on the floor? Here are three reasons why.

Better Sightlines

seating risers

First and foremost, audience risers provide improved sightlines. They allow the audience members to see what’s happening more clearly. Regardless of the type of stage the production is on, the seating risers for the audience will help to prevent any visual obstructions caused by sitting behind someone. The elevated height allows patrons to see the whole performance area so they don’t miss anything.

Aesthetically Pleasing

seating risers

Having portable seating risers will provide a more finished look to the production and they should fit the look and feel of your space. They also shouldn’t look out of place by being too large or small for the area. Check out this blog post for tips on how to choose the right seating riser.


outdoor seating risers

A good seating riser will be extremely sturdy and stable. The patrons should feel as if they’re on a solid floor. A high-quality riser will actually be able to compensate for uneven ground or floors by using adjustable screw feet to level the platforms which makes them an improvement over just having chairs on the ground.


When considering your audience seating, keep in mind the advantages that come with using seating risers. Whatever the venue or application, having seating risers will provide patrons with better sightlines along with a sturdy, comfortable seat creating a better outcome for both the audience and performers. If you need audience risers, contact our experts and we can put together the best system for you.

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