Benefits of Stage Extensions

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Benefits of Stage Extensions

May 2, 2019

stage extension

There are times when the built-in stage in a venue isn’t large enough. When this occurs, you need stage extensions. Stage extensions are very beneficial and can provide a lot of value to your performance area. They’re portable so you can set them up for use only when needed. Usually, the specific supports and decks needed for the stage extension are specific to the venue’s needs. This is especially true when stairs are involved like in the image below.

When the orchestra pit isn’t being used, you can use a pit filler which will extend your stage and work essentially the same as portable stage extensions.

stage extension

There are three main benefits that stage extensions provide and we’ll outline them in the points below.

Closer to Audience

The first and most obvious benefit is that stage extensions will bring you closer to the audience. This is evidently clear in the image at the top of this post where the extension comes out almost over top of the first rows of chairs.

This can be great for more intimate or interactive events where you don’t want to be so far back from the audience.

More Space

Having more space on the stage goes right along with being closer to the audience except it looks at it from the angle of the performers as opposed to the audience. From the point of view of those on stage, the extensions will give them more space to allow for more props or add depth to the performance as it can create greater distance between performers. This is great to create more space for events where there are a lot of people on stage or to give the allusion of greater separation to create different scenes in the same space at the same time.

If you have an orchestra pit, using a pit filler to cover the space when the pit isn’t being used is a great way to create more space on the stage. This will work very similarly to portable stage extensions. Check out the photo of the pit filler we provided for the Telluride High School Performing Arts Center in Colorado.

pit filler

Better Sound and Visual Performance

One benefit of stage extensions that can often be overlooked is the improved acoustics and sound performance. This benefit is seen because it gets the actors outside of the proscenium opening and closer to the audience. This change in location prevents the sound from their voices or special effects from being caught in the fly loft or lost into the density of the heavy stage drapes. You will also be able to see the performers clearly as they move toward the audience. For those sitting in the balcony or off to the sides in the house, the performance comes alive and the change in perspective allows you to see the entire performance and not lose people in the wings inside the stage.


Regardless of the events you’re hosting or what type of venue it’s in, having stage extensions can provide a lot of value. This addition will go a long way to improving your performances as well as providing a new level in patron experience.

Contact our experts and we’ll help find the best stage extension or pit filler solution for you.

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