Best Stage Platform Surfaces for Common Events

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Best Stage Platform Surfaces for Common Events

June 2, 2023

Different stage surfaces work better for different events and applications. When looking at buying a portable platform, make sure that you get a surface that will work with what you’re doing. If you don’t, you risk having an event that doesn’t go as smooth as it could.

Public Speaker

Any speaking event, whether it’s a keynote address or a small event at your local community center, should use a carpeted platform. These events are typically quiet so any additional noise, including the speaker walking, can be heard. This is especially true at smaller events and is less of an issue in large venues like arenas.

stage for a public speaker

Fortunately, carpeted stage surfaces are great at keeping this foot noise at a minimum so when the speaker is walking, you won’t be able to hear it. This helps to minimize that potential distraction so that the audience will be able to focus on what the speaker is talking about.


Similar to public speaking events, commencement ceremonies are better with a carpeted stage surface because the foot noise is kept to a minimum. This is important because of the large number of students walking across the stage.

stage for graduation

Whether it’s 70, 700, or even more, hearing the loud footsteps of every students probably isn’t appealing to those in the audience. It’s also distracting when you’re trying to listen to the speaker call out the names of those who are graduating.

Head Table at a Wedding Reception

The ideal surface when the head table at a wedding is on a platform may surprise you. While speeches are typically given, the best surface is actually a hard surface and not carpet. This can be anything such as plywood, aluminum, or a standard stage deck surface. Just as a side note, we offer all of these on our decks. A hard surface like this is ideal for any application where food is involved and that is the case at a wedding reception. These hard surfaces are much easier to clean compared to a carpeted platform. Check out our blog post on how to clean stage decks here.


The right stage surface for performing music or a band actually depends on the type of music being played. For a rock band, jazz quartet, or any loud event along those lines, a hard, reflective surface is what you’ll need. This can help to create a fuller sound during your performance. Some events like this, especially rock bands, feature a lot of lights. When using lighting in this manner, a black stage surface is ideal. Most standard stage decks actually feature dark, hard surfaces so they should work perfect for this.

stage for music

Softer music, like a string quartet, can have different requirements depending on the instruments involved and the aesthetic requirements of the space. In some cases, a carpeted stage will work better because it will minimize foot or chair noise. In others, a hard surface will serve the performance better.  Spending the time to understand all of the factors in the performance can help lead you to your best choice and satisfy both the performers and audiences alike.

Any event outdoors

outdoor portable stage

For any event outdoors, you’ll need to make sure the equipment can be exposed to the elements. Any equipment should be able to be outside for a limited time on a clear day with no wind, but if the equipment will be set up for a long period of time or if it’ll be exposed to wind or rain, you need to consult with the manufacturer to ensure you’re using the right gear so that your performers will be safe and your equipment won’t be ruined.

What to do when your stage has multiple events

You may be realizing right now that your portable stage will be used for different events and now you’re wondering what you should do. Don’t worry, this is very common. In many cases, a portable stage platform will be used for multiple events with differing ideal surfaces. The best approach to take here is to go with the surface that you will use most frequently.

Another approach would be to buy dual sided stage decks. This will allow you to choose from two surfaces instead of being stuck with just one. Most manufacturers don’t make dual sided decks, so make sure you look closely before deciding on where to buy them.


There’s a lot of work that goes into putting on events and making sure you have the correct surface for your platforms is important in making sure your events go as smoothly as possible. Chances are, your events fall into one of the topics above. Make sure you take the advice into consideration, but talk to an expert before making a purchase decision so that they can recommend the right equipment for your exact application.

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