The Benefits of Having a Black Box Theatre

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The Benefits of Having a Black Box Theatre

October 30, 2019

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Now that we’ve successfully established what a black box theatre is and touched on why facilities are using them more and more, we’re going to dig further into the specifics of why they’re beneficial. What are the true benefits of having a black box theatre?

Smaller Productions

Not every production makes sense for the main area in a facility and a black box theatre makes it possible to have smaller productions that aren’t right for that space. One example of this could be the local theatre troupe. If a show isn’t going to fill the main theatre area, it’s probably a better fit to host in the black box space. In addition to allowing for community and experimental theater events that aren’t practical for the main stage space, the black box theatre will be able to host a great number of events during the year which leads us into our next point.

Consistent Use of the Facility

At the end of the day, facilities need to pay their bills to stay in business and there usually aren’t enough large-scale productions to fill the main space every day of the week. Opening your facility to these smaller performances will allow you to open your doors more often which equates to an increase in revenue.

Flexible Layouts

Some performances require alternative layouts and this can be accommodated through a black box theatre if it’s outfitted with portable risers, seating, and staging. Some of these alternative layouts can be as simple as needing a different sized stage or more complex like rearranging both the staging and seating to create a theatre in the round like in the image below.

black box theatre

Whatever type of layouts you’ll be using, make sure you consult with an expert to make sure you’re getting the right equipment for what you’ll be doing. For example, if you won’t be rearranging your seating risers, you can use telescopic seating which are easier to set-up and will help you to save storage space.

More Community Support

Having the ability to host smaller events means that you’ll inevitably be hosting more local events. This is great because having more community support and word of mouth means that more people will be aware of your larger events that aren’t necessarily being put on by community members. This should result in more people from the community attending those shows as well.

Easy Scene Flexibility

Black box theatres are generally painted black which points the focus on the performance. Since these productions are done with limited props, the dark room helps to give the aura of anyplace. It’s easy to transport the audience somewhere else even with the limited use of effects.


There are many benefits that a facility can gain by having a black box theatre. Since every production won’t work in the main room, facilities are missing out on hosting events these smaller, more unique events. To maximize revenue and gain more community support, consider building a black box theatre in your facility.

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