Help! How do I build a stage on an uneven surface?

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Help! How do I build a stage on an uneven surface?

stage on a hill

June 9, 2022

A common issue that can occur, especially when setting up a platform outside in the summer, is the challenge of uneven ground.

As a venue, school, or production company, you need equipment that’s versatile enough for a variety of uses in different areas.

A little bit of forward planning can help to alleviate major headaches down the road. Here are the couple of things you need to look for in your portable stage to ensure that you can do this.

Adjustable Leg Heights

Leg height adjustability is the key for uneven terrain. Not all portable staging has this, so it’s important to make sure that yours does. This will allow you to set up on places like hills or steps.

outdoor seating risers

Knowing the range of heights that you’ll need to span will also be of benefit to you in the long run since there are different options of set ranges.

Fine-Tune Leveling

small portable stage

Fine-tune leveling puts the finishing touch on your stage. Even when setting up on level ground, finite leveling is needed to perfect it to create a sturdy, stable platform.

Avoid Homemade Solutions

One thing to absolutely avoid is a homemade solution to account for height changes on the ground or floor. Using staging that’s made for applications such as this is much safer and will create a far better experience for everyone involved from the set-up crew, to performers and patrons.


Portable staging isn’t one size fits all. There are a lot of different options that can make a system right for you like height, size, and accessories. To find a solution that will be best for you, please contact our experts!

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