The Importance of Camera Platforms for Streaming Your Events

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The Importance of Camera Platforms for Streaming Your Events

August 5, 2020

camera platform

From worship services to virtual concerts, many facilities have been streaming their events over the past few months and it will continue in at least some capacity for the foreseeable future. Even during normal times, many events are streamed online but that number has certainly grown recently.

As with many new activities, venues aren’t always sure of the best way to go about it. After getting their camera and video gear, they need to make sure they’re in the best position to give their viewers the best experience possible.

The primary key to this is making sure that sightlines are unimpeded. There should be a clear view to the stage or performance area. The best way to make this possible is to use a camera platform. This will allow you to access camera angles that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

The platform will elevate you high enough so that none of the equipment on ground level will get in the way. Depending on your specific space and needs, it may need to be customized to fit your facility. For example, a small worship facility will need a different type of platform than a large arena or stadium. Some of the things than can be customized are height, size, and surface material. Accessories like stairs and guardrails are an option as well.

As you’re considering camera platforms, here are two other things you need to make sure the platform provides.

Adequate Space

There should be enough space for your camera equipment and for the operator to sit and stand comfortably. Again, the size you need will vary depending on your exact needs or your allotted space in the venue. You may also consider splitting the set up, so the camera and operator are on separate platforms to reduce vibrations and the impact to the video feed. This can also help with storage and handling as the system will require smaller parts to move.

A couple of different examples are shown in the two images below of working camera platforms. One is in a performance facility and the other is a stadium. Because of the size of the stadium, a taller platform is needed to allow a larger scanning radius and a higher base to capture the right angle for the event.

tall camera platform

camera platform


A good camera platform will be safe and sturdy. The deck shouldn’t wobble at all and it should feel like you’re standing on the ground floor. To ensure you get a camera platform like this, make sure you buy one from a reputable manufacturer. When the platform is sturdy, the camera operator will be more comfortable making for a better streaming experience for everyone watching.

As more and more events are being streamed online, venues that are new to this need to be sure that they’re providing the best experience possible for viewers. The key is to make sure that sightlines are clear and the best way to do this is to use an elevated camera platform.

To find an elevated camera platform that will fit your space, contact our experts so we can put together the best solution for you.

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