The Guide to Using Camera Platforms at Your Facility

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The Guide to Using Camera Platforms at Your Facility

September 21, 2023

camera platform

Many different events utilize cameras for video production. From large sporting events, to worship services, to high school band concerts, there’s probably a need for video. The positioning of your camera is key. You need to have the ability to see the entire performance clearly without anything impeding the view. One tool that’s helpful for getting the right camera angle is a camera platform.

When using a camera platform in your facility, here are three things you should keep in mind.


The main benefit that a platform will provide is elevation. This will allow you to reach angles that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Different types of events will have different requirements related to this. A football game will require a different type of platform than either a concert or worship service. Here are some pictures that show these differences.

elevated camera platform

church camera platform

As you can see in the photos above, a camera platform must be custom designed to fit the needs of the venue. The football game needs a taller platform whereas the church uses a much shorter one. The one in the arena uses adjustable height legs. Some of the things that can be customized depending on requirements are the size and surface of the deck, the use of adjustable legs, and the use of accessories like skirting or stairs.

Wide Platform

Your camera platform should be wide enough to fit the camera along with having enough space for a person to sit or stand while they use it. There should be enough space so that it doesn’t feel crowded and the videographer feels safe and isn’t too close to the edge.

Sturdy Platform

Along with having enough space, your camera platform needs to be solid and sturdy. A good support structure should hold up the deck and it shouldn’t wobble at all. A high-quality platform should feel as solid as the ground floor. Having a platform that’s this sturdy will keep your camera equipment safe and will help the videographer feel more comfortable so that they can focus on the task at hand.

There are quite a few different ways your camera platform can be built and different venues will have different requirements based on the specific events that are being hosted. Before selecting a camera platform for your facility, talk to one of our experts to get the best system for you.

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