Christmas Choirs and Their Holiday Spirit

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Christmas Choirs and Their Holiday Spirit

The holiday season happens to get bigger and bigger every year. The presents, the family, and the relaxation (if you’re lucky) from the time off from work are all great things to look forward to. But as Christmas approaches just around the corner, catching many of us by surprise, we sometimes forget how important the actual meaning of the holiday season is. Christmas choirs can seem intimidating, but they can uplift even the most pessimistic holiday spirits.

The “Christmas Spirit Network” in Your Brain

Psychology researchers have found that there is a Christmas Spirit Network in people’s brains that celebrate Christmas. Listening to Christmas music can elicit positive emotions and physical responses to those who celebrate. Even seeing festive holiday pictures can do the same. The same places in the brain where these responses flare while listening to music are sections of the brain responsible for stress relief and self-transcendence. 

The Act of Giving

Everyone always says that giving is so much better than receiving gifts, but it’s true. Giving gifts at any time during the year, let alone during the holiday season can increase emotional and visual happiness. The incentive and positive effects only increase by the level at which the receiver is surprised. So, give a gift whether a tangible or intangible gift this holiday season.

Enjoying the Moment

Now that we have discussed the positive effects of the holiday spirit, we can talk about the people who need the holiday spirit the most. We hate to think about those alone for Christmas Eve and day or the ones unfortunate enough to be displaced from their homes during this festive time. However, the Christmas spirit is hope, generosity, and kindness to show one another.

Christmas choirs are one of the most important staples of the Holiday. Not because it gives the most gifts to kids or because it makes it snow on Christmas day, but because of what that Christmas choir can do for those less fortunate during the Christmas Season. In 2015, a Christmas choir was tasked with performing for participants at waiting rooms and cafeterias in a hospital. The evidence found strongly concluded that Christmas music performed by choirs aroused positive memories and transformative thoughts. 93.7% of respondents responded favorably, including those who didn’t celebrate Christianity.


Let the Christmas choirs and carolers sing. Light the tree, appreciate your time with loved ones, and don’t forget about those less fortunate during this time of festivity. Embrace the positivity in the air and sing with them! It might be what makes someone’s day or even your own.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Everyone at StageRight. We hope the last part of your year is merry and bright.

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