Citylight Bennington’s New Portable Stage – An Interview with Worship Leader Lexi Eller

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Citylight Bennington’s New Portable Stage – An Interview with Worship Leader Lexi Eller

January 27, 2021

church portable stage

Citylight Bennington is a church plant located in Bennington, Nebraska. Since they’re just starting out, they needed a portable stage. We recently had the opportunity to talk to their Worship Leader Lexi Eller to learn more about it. Here’s what she had to say.

What led you to seek out a new portable stage?

“We are a church plant just starting out, and with already rapid growth we knew we would need a platform to meet the aesthetic needs of our gatherings.”

What features were most important in the buying process?

“Portability and easy set up were key in our buying process, as well as budget-friendliness. We’d previously been borrowing a portable stage from a nearby university, and the panels were so heavy that it took several people to lift each one. They were also so large that we weren’t able to fit them in the small elevator to the gathering space, which meant hauling heavy platforms up a flight of stairs (not exactly safe!). Our new StageRight stage has cut our setup time in half and saved us huge headaches. The panels are sturdy, but lightweight enough that they can all be wheeled in at once by a single person and assembled in a matter of minutes.”

How did you find out about StageRight?

“I Googled something along the lines of “help i need a stage” 😂.”

What specific product or products were purchased?

“We purchased a 12’x18’x24″ reversible Black PolyTrac/Gray Carpet Platform which came in 4’x6′ panels that could be easily assembled together.”

What was the most important factor in choosing StageRight?

“The customer service was amazing, and honestly is what ended up being the decision-making factor. Sarah was thorough in listening to our needs and matching us up with the right platform for our space. She offered up several different options to choose from, which met different sizing and price points (a necessity for us as a fledgling church plant). She was intentional throughout the whole process, even following up to make sure everything was running smoothly after delivery. Ultimately, she provided the information we needed to decide that StageRight would provide the best stage for our needs while also being conscious of our budget.”

How smooth was the process from when you ordered to when you got to start using it?

“Easy and stress-free, at least on our end! After we selected which stage we wanted, Sarah made it simple to set up the payment process and handled the delivery logistics right away. When we had a mix-up with the delivery address, the driver was kind and flexible, and was able to meet us at a different location to unload it into our storage trailer.”

How has having the new stage helped what you’re able to do in your space?

“We meet in an old dairy barn-turned-wedding venue. It’s a beautiful space, but the room we gather in is long and narrow, so it was previously very difficult for people to see what was happening at the front of the room during our gatherings, especially towards the back. Having our new platform has enabled people to be more engaged in what’s happening during our services and has also been a huge help for our volunteers each week with cutting down setup time and headaches. The first week we used our new stage from StageRight, one of our volunteers said, “This stage is amazing! Do we get to keep this one?!” StageRight has absolutely provided the best solution for our needs and has been such a great help and resource every step of the way.”

church portable stage

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