Clark Memorial Library: The Drawing Room & Custom Staging

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Clark Memorial Library at UCLA using custom staging for events like music chambers, lectures, and presentations. Custom stage in beautifully designed room.

Arts, music, and education all in one room. Inside the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library at UCLA, some of the most beautiful historical art and murals reside. As well as some of the rarest collections of literature and scripture. But the most intricate and beautiful room is just inside a vestibule, the Drawing Room. High ceilings and every surface covered in wood paneling. Art hanging on every wall and on the ceiling. Murals painted that captivate the eye. The Drawing Room is a masterpiece itself.

The Drawing Room stands out as a venue catering to presentations, lectures, and notably, music performances. Its design, attributed to the avid violinist Andrew Clark, emphasizes music chambers as its core purpose. In 2023, the venue confronted the repetitive challenges related to inefficient use of space for event showcasing. Dealing with a dated and problematic stage, characterized by noise and difficulty, there was a desire for tailored custom staging and versatile solution to address these issues.

Custom Staging

Clark’s Library had no other option but to set out and find a stage that could satisfy all the room’s needs. Since there was no place to mount a projector, it needed the capability to hide the screen within the stage internally. Cords that are strewn about pose a safety hazard and an eyesore in a visually stunning room; they would need to be tucked away. Musicians play often so the deck would need to be quiet and easy to get up to. Last, when the room was filled with people the coordinator at the library wanted the ability to temporarily put items under the stage for a clutter-free environment.

Custom Staging Solution

With a specialty in manufacturing custom staging for a large variety of venues, StageRight was up for the task. Working closely with the coordinator at the library, StageRight helped design a custom solution for the space. The team created a unique stage to conceal and display the projector, manage any cords, and be silent.

The stage is equipped with user-friendly stairs, ensuring easy access for musicians or lecturers. These stairs lead to a decking area utilizing a honeycomb core, effectively eliminating any unnecessary noise during performances. Integrated into the stage design, a projector seamlessly slides up for display. It is used during events and easily tucks away underneath, providing a smooth surface for performances or events. Concealed beneath the stage and out of sight, a cable management system has been implemented to keep cords organized and safely stored.


The Drawing Room has resumed its role as a venue for hosting music chambers featuring pianists, violinists, and various other performers. Lecturers now can connect with their audience and deliver their presentations. The staff at Clark’s Memorial Library can comfortably handle the moving, setting up, and tearing down the stage if needed. The excitement is palpable. The chamber music series persists, UCLA students organize intimate opera performances, and the highly anticipated Boxtail Soup takes the stage, leaving enthusiasm in the air rather than concerns.

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