Seated Riser Customizations (and how this benefits you)

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Seated Riser Customizations (and how this benefits you)

October 4, 2023

custom seating risers

When buying seated risers, you have a lot of different options. First and foremost, your risers must meet the requirements you need them to. This can be accomplished through all the customizations that can be made to a seated riser system. This can mean adding custom sized elements, adjusting components to fit a desired layout, or matching décor. We will cover the different choices that are available to you when making your decision and will show you why these things are important and how they can benefit you.

Customized to Fit Your Space

The size of your seated risers is important for many reasons. By considering your options and what space you have to work with, you can get a system that will be very functional for your usage. By focusing first on your space, you need to consider the size of your seated riser, applications be it band or choir, and the number of students that you need to accommodate. You can then begin to see how to option the system to meet these needs. One other space consideration to consider is the height of the units if you add more rows. You do not want to get so high that your taller students are hitting their heads when getting on and off the risers. Many of the riser systems can be reconfigured as well or added on to as your program grows and changes. 

Before we move on, though, having the ability to set up your system in a curved versus a straight layout is something to consider. If a curved set-up is needed, pie pieces can be used to make it possible. This may be dictated by your style, instrument configurations, or dimensions of the space be it a long narrow room or a squared off space.

Customized to Keep You Safe

custom seated risers

Safety is paramount. Guardrails and chair stops are products that should be used to make sure that your students do not fall of the back or side of the riser while they are being seated. Guardrails are added to the back of the system as shown in the image above. Chair stops can go on the back of the platforms at each level to prevent the legs of the chairs from sliding between the tiers. Another option for this would be hardclosures that also act as a chair stop while giving the system a finished look. These will all keep performers safe and help them feel more at ease which will lead to better performances overall.

In addition to safety, the hardclosures also prevent debris or mouth pieces from falling underneath. It helps to keep that space clean year around.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

There are many different surface options to choose from for your riser surface. Need something quiet and more sound absorbent? Use carpet. Need something more reflective for lively performances? Use a harder surface like more traditional portable stage decking. Both of these are shown in the two photos above. Make sure you do your research, speak to an expert, and review all of your options before making a final decision. Your risers need to fit what you’re going to be using them for. There’s also the option to use dual-sided decks which will give you two to choose from and will double the life-span of your decks.  


There are a lot of different options when it comes to seated risers. You don’t need to be limited by what your system can do. It should be customized to fit YOUR space, keep YOU safe, and meet YOUR needs.

You don't need to be limited by what your system can do. It should be customized to fit YOUR space, keep YOU safe, and meet YOUR needs. Click To Tweet

Depending on your specific needs and application, you’re going to need different things. The best course of actions when looking at customizing your seated riser system to you is to talk to an expert so that they can build a system that will be specific for what you need.

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