What it Takes to Build a Camera Platform and Why it Shouldn’t be Your Next DIY Project

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What it Takes to Build a Camera Platform and Why it Shouldn’t be Your Next DIY Project

December 10, 2020

Camera platforms are incredibly important for venues that stream events online or air them on television. Recently, we wrote a blog post about the importance of camera platforms and what you need to consider when using one in your space. Check it out here.

The biggest thing to remember is that this isn’t something you should make your next DIY project. The goal of your platform should be to provide the best experience possible for viewers and a homemade camera platform just won’t do that.

It’s best to work with a reputable manufacturer. They will be able to provide a system that’s safe, durable, and perfect for the needs of your facility. Here are the things that go into making a great camera platform.


The supports may be the most important part of any platform and shouldn’t be overlooked. Sturdiness is vital for camera applications. By having a sturdy platform, not only will the view through the camera be smoother, but the operator will be more comfortable allowing them to do a better job.

A good support unit should also have adjustable legs for uneven ground and adjustable screw feet for precision leveling.


When it comes to the actual deck or platform that sits on the supports, this part of it should also be sturdy which can be ensured with a reputable manufacturer.

The surface is another thing to consider. Depending on your specific use, different surfaces may work better. If you’re only going to be using it indoors, a carpeted surface might be best. If you’re going to be outdoors, a hard surface that can stand up to the elements may make more sense for that application.

Before making a final decision, consult with our experts to make sure you’re getting the best system for your situation.

Don’t forget the accessories

Items like guardrails, stairs, and drapery will create a platform that is safe, easy to use, and has a finished look. Guardrails are an important component when it comes to safety. These become more important the taller your platform is. You can also use them as a good place to connect advertisements if you are at a concert or sporting event and need some elevated space to hang a banner or promote a certain item.

The examples below show the difference between a tall platform and a short one.

camera platform

Ultimately the method of access is up to you, but you want to make sure it has been considered and that you have a solution in mind. You want the system to work for you and having stairs or appropriate ladders for egress is key to making this a viable option when doing events. In addition, the drapery provides a finished, professional look for your event.


You’re probably aware by now that every part a camera platform can be designed to fit a specific use. There are a lot of variations available. Since this is the case, make sure you’re working with a reputable manufacturer to get a platform that is safe, sturdy, and unique to you.

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