East Holmes Choral Risers – An Interview with Choral Director Alex Looney

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East Holmes’ Choral Risers – An Interview with Choral Director Alex Looney

February 11, 2021

choral risers and shells

East Holmes Local Schools is a school district that’s located in Berlin, Ohio.

We recently had a chance to speak with Choral Director Alex Looney about his selection process. He shared how he went about arriving at his buying decision for the seven FR-36 Risers and how impactful they have been for his program.

What led you to seek out new choral risers?

“We were looking to upgrade our older risers at the time and I was looking to redesign the choral classroom in my district as well.”

What features were most important in the buying process?

“Risers that were portable, affordable, durable, professional looking, and easy to move/use. We use our risers during class daily, and it is important for the risers to be able to last long and withstand daily use.”

How did you find out about StageRight?

“I was referred to StageRight from colleagues at a non-profit choral organization in Akron, OH and also spoke with representatives at the annual OMEA conference in Ohio. I did lots and lots of research on all different types of choral risers and all different options but I kept coming back to the FR-36.”

What was the most important factor in choosing StageRight?

“The combination of affordable pricing, outstanding/knowledgeable customer service, and high-quality products.

How smooth was the process from when you ordered to when you got to start using them?

“Could not be smoother. The staff at StageRight took care of everything in this process and communicated effectively. The risers were ready to use RIGHT when they came off the truck. The process is perfect for music educators who have packed and demanding schedules.”

How have the risers helped you improve your program?

“We currently use these risers in our choral classroom every single day for daily class and rehearsals. We also use them for all of our concerts.

classroom risers

They are incredibly durable. We’ve had these so far for three years using them daily in a classroom and they are almost still like brand new. They are also very portable. The custodians at my district love these risers. All you have to do is flip them up, unlock the wheels, and roll away. They are so portable; they’re so easy to set up. It has cut down on so much time setting up for concerts and it’s also made my classroom more flexible.”

What would you say to other Choral Directors who are considering the FR-36 for their program?

“You cannot go wrong with purchasing these risers. They are incredibly affordable, especially when you are comparing them to all different types of brands and models of risers, these ones are incredibly affordable; but they are also incredibly durable and high-quality. They last a long time. I’m so happy that our program decided to purchase these choral risers. Do yourself and your program a favor and purchase these risers for your choral program. You will not be disappointed.”

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