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First Lavaca Portable Platforms

guitar riser

August 12, 2022

First Lavaca, located in Lavaca, Arkansas recently enhanced their stage with brand new portable risers for their drums and guitars. We had a chance to speak with Worship Pastor Dawayne Stamper about this project.

As you can see in the picture above, they’ve put LED light bars (not sold by StageRight) under the riser to match the look and feel of their service.

What led you to seek out new platforms?

“In order to enhance the visual appeal of our stage, we needed platforms that were solid, sturdy, quiet, and moveable to elevate our acoustic drum set and electric guitars.”

What features were most important in the buying process? 

“The most important feature was product flexibility. Specifically, the ability to outfit the platform with casters that would allow our drum set to be easily moved around the stage in preparation for different events — without having to disassemble the entire drum setup — was top priority.”

guitar riser

“Product quality was the second most important feature. We needed platforms that fit together tightly, do not wobble, or squeak during energetic performances, and have a “hefty” overall feel to them. The StageRight platforms met all of our needs without compromise.”

How did you find out about StageRight?

“I learned about StageRight from fellow worship ministry leaders and friends.”

What specific product or products were purchased? 

“We purchased 4 – 4’ x 8’ platforms, along with 2 stub leg caster kits.”

What was the most important factor in choosing StageRight? 

“Obtaining the highest-quality product that met the flexibility requirements of our ministry.”

Tell us about your experience using them so far and how they’ve improved what you do:

“We love our StageRight portable staging products!

We currently utilize 4 – 4’ x 8’ platforms on our stage to elevate the drums and electric guitar. We especially love that we were able to order stub leg caster kits for these platforms. Preparing the stage for special events is no longer an all-day chore but can be accomplished in minutes now that we can simply roll the drum risers (with fully assembled kit) out of the way — rather than having to disassemble the drums and drum platforms to relocate them.”

guitar riser

“We’d like to say thank you to Dawayne and the team at First Lavaca for allowing us to be part of their success!”

Other Ideas for Enhancing Your Facility

Portable Staging

portable stage

If you’re meeting in a multi-purpose space or ancillary room, you’ll need staging that is portable and is able to be easily set-up and put away.

Choral Risers

choir loft

You have the option to go 2 different ways with this if you have a choir. Portable choir risers can be easily used as needed while a choir loft is a more permanent solution but can still be moved out if required. As you can see in the picture above, we built this choir loft to match the overall look and feel of the room.

Stage Extensions

stage extension

Stage extensions expand the usable space on your stage. Like portable staging, they can be set-up only as needed for special services and events.

There are many ways to take your facility to the next level. Contact us today to find the best option for you!

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