What it Takes to Build A Graduation Stage

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What it Takes to Build A Graduation Stage

March 16, 2023

Graduation stage that was built for Central Michigan University

Graduation season is upon us and many schools and universities are helping their students take the next step in their lives. It is extremely important to make sure they have all the equipment they’ll need for their commencement ceremonies.

There’s a lot that goes into these celebrations for graduates, but one of the most important components for a commencement ceremony is the stage.

One crucial thing to remember when getting a graduation stage is that you need to order from a reputable manufacturer. Their engineers will be able to design a great solution that will be able to meet your needs perfectly. Building a stage homemade or buying a “cheap” stage can be incredibly dangerous. Not only that, a professionally built stage will look a lot better and make your event more aesthetically pleasing. This momentous event should be a cherished memory of accomplishment and not be remembered because your equipment wasn’t working properly.

The size of your stage will most likely be based on the size of your event and the area used to do the graduation. Regardless, the components of your stage will be consistent no matter how many graduates you have and will be a good foundation as they step into their future.

Stage Platform

The portable stage platform will be the central piece of the graduation ceremony. The size and height of this stage can be matched to the specific needs of the event. There are some additional benefits with the portable option. The stage can grow as your event grows over time and it also allows the elements to be deployed for other uses when graduation is not happening. This makes it a valuable investment and gives you flexibility to support your music and theater programs throughout the rest of the year.


Most graduation stages have backdrops to give the area a more finished look, since graduation stages are generally temporary. Portable systems can add the look of elegance but be stored when the ceremony is over. These backdrops also allow you to use them for other events around campus which makes them a good investment. Backdrops can be solid black in color or you can have them customized to match your school colors.            


Stage skirting is important for graduation stages because, like backdrops, it gives the area a finished look and can be customized to match your school colors. For your skirting you will want the material to be durable so it can be available for many years of reliable service.

Ramp and Stairs

Along with the stage platform itself, a ramp and/or stair, is the most important part of your graduation stage. Students need separate areas for entering and exiting, preferably on opposite sides of the stage so it doesn’t get too congested.

You will more than likely have a large number of students, so you will want to keep them moving through in a way that is efficient.

Some graduation stages have ramps and others use only stairs. One benefit of using the ramps is that they can create an organized line for students while they’re waiting to walk across the stage.

portable graduation stage


Guardrails can really serve 2 purposes on your graduation stage. They provide safety, but also give your stage a finished look. They are very important to have, especially on the back of your stage, because that is usually the area where deans or school board members sit during the ceremony. Having a guardrail there prevents accidental falls. The bottom bar on StageRight guardrails also works as a chair stop, which makes it perfect for applications such as this.


Graduation season can be a hectic time for school and university administrators. But with a professional looking stage that’s easy to set up, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


Get peace of mind knowing that students and faculty are using a stage that was designed specifically with their safety in mind. Contact our experts and we can design a graduation stage that’s perfect for you.

Project Spotlight

Click to check out the graduation stage that we built for Vashon Island School District

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