How Artists are Adjusting During the Pandemic

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How Artists are Adjusting During the Pandemic

July 7, 2020

portable stage studio

Over the past 3+ months artists haven’t been able to tour and play concerts like they’re accustomed to. All tours and festivals that had either already started or had been scheduled were abruptly cancelled. The social distancing measures being enacted and public gatherings of large numbers of people being prohibited, artists have had to shift gears and find alternative ways to perform for their fans.

Some are turning to streaming services like Zoom or are performing on Facebook Live. While these streams don’t allow for the production of a live concert, they do offer a more personal, intimate performance with artists performing from their homes. Here’s a list of concerts streams.

Other artists are having drive-in concerts that allows the full production of their normal live event. The only different is that patrons would be in their cars instead of pressing together in front of the stage. According to the guidelines for this Alan Jackson concert, attendees are required to stay in their cars and concessions are delivered directly to their cars via mobile order. By doing these things, they are able to adhere to both the CDC and state guidelines to keep everyone safe. Here’s a list of other drive-in concerts that are happening throughout the country.

Finally, some artists are actually combining streaming with full production. Two of our rental partners have studios set up with a StageRight stage combined with high-quality audio and video equipment that allows them to stream concerts online. Groove Labs is from Texas and Events United is from New Hampshire. Both of them have hosted many streamed events over the past few months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Events United actually has a separate space for this shown at the top of this post called Studio Lab, while Groove Labs is using a space in their warehouse (shown below) that’s been outfitted with a portable stage, backdrops, and a video screen to offer a finished look.

portable stage streaming

During this time artists are getting creative, with the help of venues and production companies, to perform in front of their fans and provide a distraction for those who need it. As we move forward, these new concert formats will continue and we’d expect artists to continue finding new avenues to get in front of their fans until these events are able to safely go back to normal.

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