How Big Should a Drum Riser Be?

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How Big Should a Drum Riser Be?

July 22, 2020

how big should a drum riser be

Every drummer has their own preferences and their own way they like to do things when it comes to the way their space is set-up. This can make choosing the right drum riser a challenge. If you’re an individual drummer, you need a riser that will meet your needs now and into the future. If you’re a venue, you need one that will meet the requirements of every drummer that comes through your facility.

To determine how big your drum riser needs to be, there are a few things you need to consider.

Size of Your Drum Kit

First and foremost, the size of the drum kit is an important factor for this. The platform needs to be able to fit the entire set-up. If you have a larger drum set with a lot of pieces, a 6X6 riser may not be sufficient. In this case you may need to go with a 6X8 or 8X8 option. The drummer may also have a preference on the space depending how active they are, body size and performance styles.

As a venue. It’s going to be best to get a larger riser so that it will work for every drummer who uses it. A small kit will still fit on a large riser while a large kit won’t fit on a small riser.

Other Percussion Equipment

Another thing to consider is what other percussion products will be on the riser. You will need to make sure that there’s adequate space for them. Some of these could include congas, bongos, or a djembe. You may also need to accommodate for a sound shield as shown on this riser below to help control the percussion volume so that it does not take over the performance. Though they are not usually too thick, they do consume some space on the riser.

percussion platform

One additional item to keep in mind is how a rolling riser will speed up your changeover when using multiple percussion instruments as you can just rotate the platform so the one you’re using is front facing like in the image above.

Transportation Frequency

How often will it need to be moved or transported? Will you just need to roll it to a different area or will you need to actually take the riser apart? Even a large drum riser will be easy to roll when it’s on casters, but if you need to take it apart, a smaller one is going to be easier to work with.

To know exactly what size drum riser is going to be right for your situation, it’s best to go straight to the professionals.

Contact our experts and let them recommend the system that’s going to be perfect for you.  

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