How Churches Can Use Portable Staging and Risers

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How Churches Can Use Portable Staging and Risers

September 14, 2018

A lot of churches today host a variety of worship services from traditional, youth ministry, and special productions around the different religious holidays. Each have specific needs that must be met. This can be a challenge because while wanting to be good stewards with the money they have, decision makers also want to buy the right equipment that’s of a high quality because it will last a long time and ensure safety for those using it. By integrating a good portable stage system, they can accommodate the needs of the different services and have the flexibility to grow with the worship center’s needs.

Stage Platforms

If you have chosen to have your main worship area utilize a built-in stage, there are ways to incorporate portable equipment to make the space more flexible. The most common way is through portable stage extensions. This is a great way to expand your stage for your worship band or for special programs, when more people than normal are going to be on the stage. The image below shows an example of portable stage extensions we provided for a church near Detroit. As you can see, the extension can be designed to match the current look and feel of your built-in stage.

church stage extensions
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If you meet in a temporary space, are starting a remodeling project, or are breaking ground on a new facility, a portable stage is the better option compared to a permanent one. You gain flexibility to grow with your congregation and meet the needs of the different types of services. It will also allow you to have choices for future uses because the equipment is not purpose-built but can be redeployed in different rooms or configurations. You may have the preconceived notion that a portable stage won’t look as nice as a permanent system, but by doing the right planning, the temporary stage can be built to match existing décor to have a built-in look. The image below shows a choir installation that integrated the designs of the space to look like it’s part of the building but can be removed when the space has other needs.

church choir risers
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High quality portable stages are also just as solid as a permanent floor so you can have the confidence to move around the stage knowing that you’ll be safe and secure to host any type of service. Our experts can help design the perfect portable stage system that will work perfectly for you.

Music Risers

For churches that have a choir, a portable riser will offer more flexibility. Similar to a portable stage, the portable risers can look indistinguishable from permanent, built-in ones.

church stage riser
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These portable band and choir risers offer a lot of flexibility. They can be removed to clean the floor or to allow more room on the stage for different events. A portable system can be designed to meet the specific needs of your band or choir.

Accessories to Consider

Along with the portable stages and risers, there are many accessories that should be used. They provide the finishing touch.


Stage stairs are the most important accessory because they provide access to your stage platform. While they’re not really necessary for choir risers, they’re all but required for a stage, especially if it’s going to be at least 1 foot tall.

You’ll probably also be putting music instruments, microphones, and other décor on the stage so having stairs there so it’s easier to transport those items will be beneficial.


Guardrails are great to have for both a portable stage or choir risers. They can keep those on the platforms safe while also giving your equipment a finished look. The bottom bar on StageRight guardrails also works as a chair stop which is good if you have a seated choir.


Skirting can also give your stage or risers a finished look. It’s also great for stage extensions. Skirting from StageRight can be customized to be the color of your choice.


Meeting the demands of the full congregation, being a good steward with the money, and preparing for the future of the worship center can be a challenge. Sometimes getting all of these demands met requires looking at the equipment that can be flexible, long lasting, and reliable. That’s why portable staging can be a great solution. The flexibility will allow you to use the same risers or staging for many different services like traditional, youth ministry, and special productions. You won’t need to buy as much equipment so you’ll be saving both money and storage space. Good portable staging will last a lifetime and that makes it the best choice as you grow as a church and expand into the different types of services. That’s the ultimate flexibility.

Contact our experts and we can put together a solution for your church.


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