What it Takes to Build a Drum Riser

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What it Takes to Build a Drum Riser

November 2, 2023

diy drum riser

Having a drum riser can add a lot to your performance. It can bring elevation and character to your stage while also allowing for easier set-ups and changes if the riser has wheels or casters.

There are a few different avenues available after deciding that you need a drum riser and while you may think that building one is the best option, actually purchasing a drum riser from a reputable manufacturer is far safer and will help to make your performances look and sound even better.

Now, with all that being said, there are a few different components that go into making a drum riser and a good manufacturer will provide the best version of these and will be able to build a system that’s perfect for your space and needs.

Here’s what it takes to build a drum riser.


The platform is obviously the main component of any drum riser, but there can be a lot of variation here based on your specific requirements.

These variations can be the size of your platform, its surface, the need for mobility. Does it need to be 8×8, 6×6, or something else? Does it need carpet or a more reflective surface? Does it need casters? A reputable manufacturer will be able to customize it to fit you.

A solid platform will be more stable which will make it much safer and will also allow your drum kit to sound better since the platform itself won’t be making any noise or bouncing around.

Depending on the manufacturer, you may also be able to get dual-sided decks to give you two surface options and double the life-span of the platform.


We mentioned casters in the point above. If you’re going to be moving the riser frequently to set up for different performances, these will make your life much, much easier.

rolling drum riser

Your manufacturer will be able to provide durable, high-quality casters that will enable you to roll a drum kit or keyboard in and out of the performance area at will.


It’s important to remember your accessories. Things like skirting, guardrails, or chairstops can give your riser a finished look and also provide added safety for the musician.


If you need a drum riser either for you personally or for your venue, make sure you consider all your options. You’re going to want a system that’ll last a long time, be easy to use, keep everyone safe, and meet the needs that are specific to you.

While it may seem easier to just make a DIY drum riser, it isn’t the best option. Contact our experts and let us help build the perfect riser for you and your space.

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