What it Takes to Build a Stage

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What it Takes to Build a Stage

January 11, 2019

portable stage for wedding

If you are hosting musical or theatrical events or speaker series at your venue, then a performance stage can make that event better. It will elevate your performance and allow the audience to see better. The two courses of action that most people consider taking are buying a portable stage or building a permanent stage. After determining that you need a stage, you need to decide what option is going to be best for your facility in the long term.

The first word in the world of staging is that the structure must be designed to meet the requirements of your events. Building a stage is something that shouldn’t be done as a DIY project. Homemade stages can be unsafe and they don’t look as nice or professional as one made by a reputable manufacturer or a vendor that builds permanent stages for a living. A reputable manufacturer will be able to design you a custom, high-quality stage that will meet the demands of all of your events.

There are many components that make up a stage and this post will cover each of them. A reputable manufacturer will make sure all of these pieces work together seamlessly. If you are considering a portable stage, then many of these areas of consideration will be important before you move forward.


The platform itself is the most important part of your portable stage. It’s going to be made up of stage decks and supports that combine to make a sturdy stage platform. Some portable stages will be able to be customized into different shapes and layouts to meet the needs of any event so if this is one of your requirements, make sure you communicate that to the manufacturer so they can build the perfect system for you that’s easy to reconfigure.

small portable stage platform

The stage decks can be of a variety of surfaces ranging from carpet to different black finishes. There are also different types of stage supports so make sure you talk to the manufacturer to find the best supports and deck surface for you.


There are many accessories that can be added to a stage platform for both aesthetics and function. Backdrops can add a more finished look to a portable stage. When your event is over, the backdrop can be efficiently put away into storage. A backdrop from a manufacturer will also look better than one you make yourself and it’ll probably store easier.


drum riser skirting

Just like with the backdrop, stage skirting will give the stage a finished look. When you get a stage and skirting from a manufacturer, they will integrate perfectly because that’s how they’re designed and that won’t be the case with a DIY stage. For both your skirting and backdrop you want it to be made of a durable material so that it’ll last a long time and machine washable to allow inexpensive cleaning options.

Ramp & Stairs

A ramp and/or stair are going to be necessary to get on and off the stage. Also, be aware of ADA requirements when looking at adding a ramp to the stage. A reputable stage manufacturer should also make stairs and ramps that work seamlessly with their platforms.


Guardrails can serve two purposes on your stage. They provide safety but can also help give the stage a finished look. Depending on the events you’re hosting, guardrails may be more or less important.

portable stage with guardrails

When looking at the accessories to use on your portable stage, consult with the manufacturer to determine what accessories you need.


A complete portable stage is made up of many different parts. Buying from a trustworthy manufacturer will ensure that all of these pieces will work together flawlessly and will ensure that you’re going to get an incredibly safe and sturdy stage platform that will meet the needs of your facility’s events.

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