How to Get Administrators to Invest in Your Program

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How to Get Administrators to Invest in Your Program

April 23, 2020

choir risers

Could this be the year you’re able to get your much-needed new equipment?

Many schools are currently in a unique situation. They have additional money that can be reallocated due to lower expenses in other areas like transportation and food service. If this money isn’t used, there’s a chance it won’t be included in the budget for next year. That’s why as we move closer to the end of the fiscal year, it’s important that schools find other places to invest those dollars.

The key to getting this additional money invested in your program is to explain the true value of the products you’re looking for. Your administrators need to see the importance of having high-quality performance products. Here’s are the reasons why it’s important. Please share these with them.


Keeping students safe is incredibly important for schools. One of the most effective ways that a school music program can keep its students safe is by using sturdy and secure platforms.

In addition to safety, sturdy platforms are quiet and they will help your students be more comfortable while they’re performing on them as opposed to wobbly risers.



It’s important that your equipment is versatile. You should be able to use the same equipment for many different events. Risers that are able to be reconfigured into different configurations and layouts to meet the needs of the specific event are a big help for schools. It also makes your investment more practical and can go a long way to convincing your administrator that they can use it for concerts as well as graduation. This makes the equipment pay for itself quickly and reduce the money the district needs to spend to cover all its platform needs.


The last thing you want to do when making a large purchase is have to replace or repair the equipment sooner than you should have to. This can result in unnecessary costs and not having the equipment ready when you need it.

acoustic shells

In most cases, this will be a one-time purchase for your career so you need to get it right because you may not get the funding to do something different for a long time.

It’s important to get products that can stand up to the wear and tear of even the busiest programs which will help you save money over time.

Ease of Use

rolling folding choral riser

Schools can sometimes have limited resources when it comes to setting up and tearing down for a performance. They usually don’t have a designated crew and the responsibility falls on the music director, students, and a few helpful parents. This is why it’s critical to have equipment that’s easy to use. A couple of students should be able to set up and take down your equipment on their own.


Your students deserve the best. During this unique situation, it’s important that you find a way to make an investment in your program.

Making the decision to purchase high-quality products will give you the durability, safety, versatility, and ease of use your students deserve.

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