It Pays to Have Versatile Equipment

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It Pays to Have Versatile Equipment

September 29, 2023

For venues like schools that host different performances in various locations throughout their facility, having versatile equipment is key. Most schools don’t have the ability to buy performance products for every type of event they host, so the equipment they do have needs to work for the orchestra concert, commencement ceremony, and everything else in between.

There are a few ways that equipment can accomplish this feat of being adaptable. Programs should use any of the options below to get the most out of their investment.

Curved or Straight Standing Risers

curved choir risers

When considering standing choir risers the big thing to look at is the ability to be set up in both a straight and curved configuration. This is something that’s important for most music programs. Whether they’re on a stage, in a gymnasium, or in the music room, there are times when they’ll need to be set up in these different configurations due to space concerns. If you’re limited in this function, you may not be able host the event where or how you want.

Portable Acoustic Shell

acoustic shells

Going along with the previous point, a portable shell will usually accompany standing choir risers. Its purpose is to reflect and direct the sound towards the audience. Therefore, it’s important that the shell can be set-up into both a straight and curved configuration as well.

Reconfigurable Staging & Risers

Having risers or portable staging that can be completely reconfigured to create different layouts is huge for schools. Owning equipment that can handle your school plays, talent shows, commencement ceremonies, or any number of different layouts for staged events is not an option but a requirement.

modular stage

Some equipment can even take it one step further with adjustable heights. Certain risers can incorporate various heights along with the ability to be arranged into different configurations. This would allow you to have only one set of equipment that could be used for all of your events. One day it could be a seated choir riser and the next it could be a graduation stage. This would help you get the most out of your investment.

Multiple Performance Surfaces

The final primary area for equipment versatility is having dual-sided decks. Traditionally, stage decks have only had one surface to use which meant that you were stuck with whatever you chose initially. Certain products utilize these dual-sided decks and they gives you the option to choose from 2 performance surfaces. This is important because different events require different surfaces. Check out this post on how to choose the right surface for your specific event.


Keep in mind that not all equipment on the market today is designed for versatility. While it may work for different events and applications, you may be outside of the proper use which can put unnecessary wear on your equipment meaning you’d need to replace or repair it much sooner than you’d need to otherwise.

When making your next purchase, take this into serious consideration to make sure you’re getting the products that are right for your program.

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