Lessons Learned and Ideas from the StageRight Blog in 2020

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Lessons Learned and Ideas from the StageRight Blog in 2020

December 30, 2020

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For the past couple of years, we’ve been sharing the things we’ve learned at the end of each year and 2020 will be no different. In this post we’re going to review some of the lessons we have all learned over the past 12 months.

Be Flexible

First and foremost, we’ve learned that we need to be agile as was evident with the many challenges that everyone faced this year and the creative solutions employed.

This year has shown that you can overcome whatever you find in your way. Click To Tweet

In the future, this probably won’t be at the scale or as widespread but it’s still good to be prepared for the ever-changing environment that we live in daily. Though many of the challenges we saw as a negative at first, may actually help us grow as a person and community to expand what is possible in the future. When you run a class room, manage a venue, or operate in a competitive endeavor, you will always face change. This year has shown that you can overcome whatever you find in your way.

Portable & Reconfigurable Gear Can Help

Going along with the previous point, it’s important to have equipment that’s versatile and portable for when changes do arise. Here’s an article we wrote about black box theatres.

seating risers

Portable gear will allow you to easily move to an alternative location when the current one becomes too small.

Reconfigurable gear will allow you to add on to your existing staging and seating systems without having to buy an entirely new one. This will save you money.

How to Teach from Home

This year, music educators learned how to teach from home. Understandably, it was a tough transition for most, so we wanted to help. We compiled a list of resources and conducted interviews with educators from around the country in order to find out how they were having success so that we could share that information with you.

Equipment Needed for Streaming

We’ve shared a few different tips for streaming events online this year. Many facilities that hadn’t streamed in the past began doing it this year.

camera riser

The gear you need will depend on your specific situation, but two of the most popular and effective pieces of equipment for this are a small stage and a camera platform. Click the links to learn more about each.


All in all, we’ve learned a lot this year. As we get ready to begin 2021, it’s important to remember what we learned this year.

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