4 Gifts You Can Give Your Students as a Music Educator

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4 Gifts You Can Give Your Students as a Music Educator

November 24, 2021


The arrival of the holiday season sees many people shopping for presents to give to their friends and family. Some music educators may also buy gifts for their students. Whether or not you’re buying physical presents for each of them, there are four things you can give to all of your students this year.

An Appreciation for Music


First and foremost, you are hopefully already instilling an appreciation for music in your students. When people know how to play music they tend to have a greater appreciation for it. As a music educator, you probably have an appreciation for music yourself and a desire to pass it on to others. If you didn’t, you’d more than likely have chosen a different career path. Continue to do what you’re doing and check out this blog post from our interview with veteran band director Paul Shimmons to learn about what makes a music program successful.


Obviously, you want your students to be safe. Safety can come in two primary ways. The first is that you need to have safe practices when it comes to your performances and setting up for them. Here are two blog posts to help you. This one is a safety checklist for show choirs and this one is for setting up a stage.

choir riser

The other way you can help to ensure your students’ safety is by using high-quality products. Good risers are more secure and sturdy which helps to prevent the risk of falls. Guardrails are an option on most risers as well, so utilizing those will keep your students upright and performing. When your students feel more safe and comfortable they will be able to perform better.

A Great Experience

Being a music education student is a great experience and it’s made possible by you as a music educator. Students will be able to go places and participate in competitions that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. They’ll build friendships that will last a lifetime and they’ll learn how to work as a team, which is a skill they’ll continue to use long after graduation.

A Successful Future

There’s a lot of data out there that shows how important music education can be. Students who are involved in it can get better grades, be more likely to attend college, and learn to grow from adversity. We wrote more about these benefits here. As their educator, you are helping make this success possible.


At the end of the day, you want the best for your students. You want them to gain an appreciation for music, you obviously want them to be safe, and you want their music education to be a great experience. These are the four best gifts that you can give to your students.

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