Space and Sightlines in Your Music Room

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Space and Sightlines in Your Music Room

October 4, 2019

music room risers

There are different ways you can optimize the space in your music room. This includes making sure you have the right equipment and making sure your space will fit with what you want to do. The first step to making sure you’re able to optimize your space begins during the construction phase. When the room is being built, you should know how much space you’ll need so that it can be included in the initial plans. We also know that this isn’t always realistic if you’re already in a facility that doesn’t have any renovation plans in its future.

One challenge that music programs can face, especially if they have a long room, is sightlines. The students in the back may have a difficult time seeing the director and vice versa. This can cause problems in communication.

seated risersconductor podium

The solution to this is to use risers or a conductor’s podium. When considering which risers are right for you, you’ll need to look at a few different things. The first question is obvious. Do you need a band, seated choir, or standing choir riser? Second, how much storage space do you have? If you need to take the risers down for some reason, where are you going to store them and do you have enough room? Different risers have different storage capabilities. Third, how often will you need to take down and set-up your risers? If you’ll be moving them from the practice room to performance area semi-regularly or if you have a limited crew to help set-up, you’ll want risers that are easier to set-up.

When looking at the overall space in your room, make sure there is floor space for risers. Ideally this would be made sure of during the construction phase, but as we mentioned earlier, that isn’t always possible. Make sure to allow adequate space for access and for storing other equipment. Find efficient ways to store all of your other equipment if extra space needs to be made for risers.

band chairs

Regardless of if you have risers or not, you’ll have chairs if you have a seated choir or band. In this case, you also need to have an efficient way to store or transport them. Chairs should be able to easily stack on top of each other when they’re not on risers or being used. For transportation, the chairs you buy should also have the option to include a transport cart which will make your performance more mobile.

When looking at the space in your music room, consider how you can efficiently store your equipment. If you have the space, use risers to improve the sightlines which will in turn improve your concerts. Also, make sure you consider the points above when looking at what risers to buy and contact our experts so they can help put together a system that’s perfect for you.

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