How StageRight Helped New Vision Dance Center Create Their Own Performance Space

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How StageRight Helped New Vision Dance Center Create Their Own Performance Space

seating riser

May 5, 2022

New Vision Dance Center, located in Hillsboro, Oregon recently added new seating risers to their space. We had a chance to speak with Owner & Instructor Heather Renk about the entire process!

What led you to seek out new risers?

Two years ago when COVID closed everything down, theaters and the performing arts were hit especially hard!  As we sought to create solutions for our dancers who needed performance opportunities, we decided to go about creating our own!  As we transformed one of our large dance studios into a performance space, we were lacking one thing… a good seating solution!  Enter StageRight and their amazing staff who guided us through the whole process and were the last and integral piece to finishing our in-house theater.

What features were most important in the buying process?

“First and foremost, we LOVED that this was an American company.  Timing was an issue as we had shows coming that we were trying to get the seating in for so being able to get product shipped from within the USA helped us meet our deadline.  StageRight also did an excellent job of understanding what we would need and of guiding us through the process of getting it into the studio.”

How did you find out about StageRight?

“We found out about StageRight through an old-fashioned Google search for “tiered audience solutions”.” 

What specific product or products were purchased?

“We ended up purchasing risers and the platforms in order to create tiered seating for our audience members.  Having just had our first show using the risers, these were a game changer!  They heightened (pun intended) the viewing experience of our audience members and studio families beyond measure.”

What was the most important factor in choosing StageRight?

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned, the customer service at StageRight has been more than we could have asked for.  Our salesman, Chris, was instrumental in helping us understand what we needed and in assuring us of how easy it would be to build (and he wasn’t wrong!).”

How smooth was the process from when you ordered to when you got to start using it?

The entire process was extremely easy and the follow up support has been amazing!”

How have the new risers helped with what you’re able to do in the space?

“The risers are the icing on the cake!  We have, and will be able, to provide for our dancers and their families a professional feeling show experience that we couldn’t have done without the tiered seating.  When our families walked into our last show and saw their seating options, they were absolutely blown away!  These risers have taken our space to the next level (pun intended again) and we couldn’t be happier or more thankful for the result.” 

seating riser

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