How Oxbridge Academy Turned Their Multi-Purpose Room into a Theatre

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How Oxbridge Academy Turned Their Multi-Purpose Room into a Theatre

August 21, 2020

seating risers

Oxbridge Academy Foundation, Inc., or more commonly known as just Oxbridge Academy, is a private coeducational college-preparatory high school that was founded in 2011 in West Palm Beach, Florida and serves grades 9 through 12.

In 2019 they were faced with the issue of needing the ability to convert their multi-purpose space into a theatre setting that did not feel like a temporary solution. The most important features they were looking for were ease of assembly, minimal storage requirements and sound attenuation of the audience risers to avoid distractions during performances.

They decided on our ZHD/ML Black Box Seating System with gray carpeted decks primarily because it provided them with a quiet surface that created a high end finished look. This product also met their requirements of having an easy setup and limited storage. When they don’t need the risers, the system can easily be taken down and stored compactly to create more floor space. The storage footprint of this system is roughly 10% – 15% of its total footprint when it’s set-up.

Having these seating risers in their space has allowed them to have optimized sightlines for audience members during any type of event that may be held in that room. This is a huge advantage when compared to just having chairs on the floor. They also gain the feel of a permanent riser for their patrons as the system is so stable it feels like it is built into the building.

During the install, we provided our supervised installation and utilized their staff to incorporate hands-on training on the assembly of the system to help set them up for success now and in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone at Oxbridge Academy for allowing us to be part of this project!

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