Portable Seating and Staging Platforms for Worship Facilities

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Portable Seating and Staging Platforms for Worship Facilities

June 5, 2020

church portable stage

Worship facilities, today, are changing rapidly to keep up with new safety guidelines and social distancing recommendations. Whether you are rearranging your seating, taking your service outside, or utilizing your multi-purpose rooms for additional service times; portable platforms can be a great investment to accomplish these new layouts.

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One of the primary challenges that can come from these changes is impeded sightlines. When moving your service outdoors or to different smaller rooms, sightlines won’t be optimized. This problem can be solved with portable platforms that can be used as either seating risers for your congregation or as a portable stage.

Your investment needs to be flexible, versatile, easy to use, and built to last a lifetime. Ensuring investments can meet your needs today and in the future is essential to being good stewards. Portable platforms can be a great investment to grow with your facility and congregation.

Here are four things that portable platforms can and should do for your facility.

Be Flexible

Today’s worship facilities are home to a variety of services and events from a traditional service, music ministry, youth programs, fellowship services, and special productions. Each of these services and special events require different messaging. Portable staging and risers can easily be moved and configured in a variety of ways to help convey your message.

A portable stage used as a Sunday morning chancel area can be quickly and easily set-up into your multi-purpose room for Sunday afternoon fellowship meetings. A choral riser in the choir practice room can just as easily be transformed into a flat stage for youth programs. You can use the same equipment in many different parts of the facility – the sanctuary, multi-purpose rooms, children rooms, fellowship halls, cafeteria, and even on the road for satellite locations.

Set Up Easily

Good portable platforms are easy to set-up and break-down without the use of additional tool. This is important for worship environments where your set-up and take down crew will most likely be made up of volunteers.

Additionally, these platforms should be able to break down compactly to make for efficient storage.

Offer Versatility

Portable platforms are ideal for creating many different configurations quick and easily. The possibilities are endless.

church stage extension

For special productions, expand your built-in stage (as shown in the image above) or create various height levels for music risers. Use your portable platforms to host outreach and community events by configuring fashion runways, speaker platforms, seating risers, and concert stages. A portable choir loft that appears to be built-in can easily be removed allowing ample space for larger theatrical productions. Convert the choral riser into seating for the congregation. The same components can be reconfigured for a variety of applications.

Last a Lifetime

Portable Platforms purchased from a reliable manufacturer provide safe, proven construction. Constructed from last-a-lifetime materials, your platforms are guaranteed to meet the demands of your growing congregation.

One of the most important reasons to buy from a reputable manufacturer is to give your platforms the appearance and beauty of being-built in, while still allowing you the freedom the rearrange and reconfigure them however you need to.


While this is a unique time for worship facilities, you can overcome these short-term service arrangement challenges thanks, in part, to portable platforms. Whether you use them as seating risers, a portable stage, or something else, they will prove to be of value.

As things go back to normal, the versatility and flexibility of these portable platforms will allow you to use them to support any event for years to come!

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