Silver Springs- A Unique Space with Adaptable Solutions

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Silver Springs – A Unique Space with Adaptable Solutions

How do you set up seating for a play that converts into a space for professional wrestling? What about standup to interactive experiences? Or musicals to a film shoot? With no central stage and no clue where their audience would sit, Silver Springs had a difficult problem to solve. Luckily, they found a solution with little they had to compromise on.

Silver Springs Black Box Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland hosts a variety of experiences in their venue. What could be a musical one week could be an interactive experience the next. What could be rented out for a film shoot one month could convert into standup the next. This unusual space and its unique performances required the audience to adapt as well as where the audience sits.  Enter StageRight. Where others might shy away from big, flexible spaces, StageRight thrives. Between large arenas transitioning from basketball to hockey to concerts or small gymnasiums that need temporary conversion for performances, we have had decades of experience with unusual venues and adaptable equipment. Silver Springs’ dilemma was a project we were excited to take on.

After some discussion and careful consideration, Silver Spring decided to install the ZHD/ML flexible seating risers. “StageRight was instrumental in answering all our questions and concerns and showing us the options that would work best for us”. The sturdy decking is easy to move and flexible to reconfigure. On top of that, the supports fold in on themselves to take up minimal storage space. This makes the ZHD/ML system ideal for adapting seating to performances and cutting down set-up and tear-down times.

“The change to this new riser system has allowed us to cut down on over-hire costs when we need to move the risers around and has cut hours off of the time needed for the task.” Caitlyn Fitzgerald, the theater manager, continues, “The StageRight flexible seating riser system has made the chore of moving the audience seating around significantly less taxing for our technicians and staff.”

Now, Silver Springs has ample audience seating capable of configuring for those unique performances and experiences. When the seating is no longer needed, they can tear it down and store it away opening the space for whatever they need or whoever needs it.

“We would recommend StageRight to anyone in the industry, especially for flexible spaces”.

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