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July 1, 2021

outdoor graduation stage

Spring Independent School District, located in Houston, Texas, purchased a portable stage in 2020 and added onto their system this year with a deck extension and additional guardrails. We recently had a chance to speak with Joe Clark, Director of Performing Arts at Spring ISD, about their decision-making process for it and how it has improved what they’re able to do as a school district. Check out the interview below!

What features were most important in the buying process?

This pandemic year has taken so much from our students.  In trying to return to our graduating seniors, a significant part of their last year in high school, we chose to have an in-person graduation.  In keeping with COVID distancing protocols, we needed an affordable and durable extension to our current stage.

How did you learn about StageRight?

StageRight sold us our base stage last year and because that process went so smoothly, it was the right decision to reach out to them for the extension.

What specific product did you purchase?

This year we purchased a deck extension with additional guardrails.

What was the most important factor in choosing StageRight?

We have always been able to reach out directly to our StageRight representative, and she answers right away or returns the call shortly thereafter.  Using district funds, we must always be aware of student safety, quality and pricing.

How smooth was the process from when you ordered to when you started using it?

Our process with this purchase was stress-free from quote to shipment.  Our representative made sure that we were taken care of…the stage even arrived early!

How has it improved things from what you were using previously?

Purchasing our own district stage has definitely saved money due to no longer having to rent stadiums and banquet rooms.  We have used it for not only graduation, but recognition programs as well.

We’d like to take this time to thank Joe and the entire team at Spring ISD for allowing us to play a small part in helping them celebrate their students!

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