Stage Set-Up Tips Churches Can Apply This Easter

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Stage Set-Up Tips Churches Can Apply This Easter

April 5, 2023

church choir risers

There are a few different times of the year when worship facilities may set up their stage differently than how they usually do. In addition to the holiday season in December, Easter is a very common time to put on a special service that requires a different set up.

This differentiation may be the use of a completely portable system in an ancillary area or it may be portable equipment used in conjunction with a permanent stage. It could also be something small like different stage décor.

Regardless of the changes a facility is making for this special occasion, there are a few helpful tips to keep mind.

Know Your Stage’s Weight Capacity

One of the most important things, in regards to safety, is to know the weight capacity of your stage. This is especially true for special services like this where additional props may be used. You should be able to find the weight capacity of your stage, whether it’s permanent or portable, by reading your manual or by contacting your manufacturer directly.

Knowing the condition of your portable equipment is important as well because it isn’t used all the time. There’s a chance that it may have been put away with the plan to repair before its next use and that just never happened.

How Big is the Room?

In an ancillary area, knowing the size of the room is important. The stage shouldn’t be too big or too small. In addition to the length and width of the room, be conscious of the height as well. The key is to make sure the size of the stage makes sense with the dimensions of the room.

church stage

If the room is larger and audience member will be a long way away, you’ll need a taller platform so that guests in the back are able to see. The opposite is true for smaller space. These provide a more intimate feel, so they benefit from a lower height stage.

The good thing about certain portable stages is that they have adjustable heights. Make sure you contact our experts to find a portable stage that’ll meet your needs.

How Many Audience Members are There?

The number of audience members is similar to looking at the size of the room. If you have a lot of audience member and some of them are a long way back, you’ll need a taller stage as we mentioned above. If there isn’t a large number of audience members, chances are they’ll be closer so that you won’t need as tall of a platform.

Do You Have a Set-Up Crew?

portable stage

A set-up crew is important, especially when portable equipment comes into play. It’s important to know how large your set-up crew needs to be. If you have a robust portable staging system, you’ll want to have a larger set-up crew. While it’d be possible to set it up with just two people, having a bigger crew will make things go faster. This way you won’t need to spend as much time setting up and tearing down before and after the event.

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Trip Hazards

Finally, you need to make sure the area is clear of trip hazards. This includes things like cables, instruments, or props. If you need to have cables, make sure they’re taped down and are in areas with the least amount of traffic. If props are being used, they should be secured to prevent them from tipping over. Having the area clear of trip hazards will make for a less cluttered stage and will keep everyone safe.


When setting up for a special occasion or service, there may be alterations to the usual performance area. Whether it’s something small like stage décor or something larger like using a portable stage system in an ancillary area, these tips will help to make the event run smoother.

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