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choir risers

July 8, 2022

The Plainsmen are a men’s community chorus in Christchurch, New Zealand.

They have 3 or 4 concerts per year of their own and sing in concerts with other organizations as well. They also loan their risers to other groups around the city.

The venues they perform in are typically churches for the acoustics or in theatres that are designed for music.  

Since beginning to use risers in the 1990s, when they started singing Barbershop music, the risers have aged and needed an upgrade. In addition to needing upgraded, their old ones had components that were far too heavy.

After searching the web to see what options were out there, they landed on StageRight and the Alla Breve Riser and after further research decided to make the decision to purchase.

What features were most important in the buying process?

“Portability and lightness were our primary concerns, but the list extends to safety, convenience to erect and knock down and store. Some risers are very bulky and heavy. We store them at our practise venue and have a covered trailer for transporting them to concerts or out on loan to other groups.”

What specific product or products were purchased?

“We ordered the Alla Breve three section and four section as we wanted the option to build multiples of 3+4, 6, 7, 5+2 as we also have a youth chorus numbering 20+ which could use 2 sections at a different venue while leaving us 5 to cope with. We populate about 10 or less adults to each section to get the spacing we need to allow our voices to match. The extra rails for side and straight configurations are excellent. The trolleys work well though we need a wider trailer with ramps to accommodate their width.”

Tell us about your experience using the risers so far?

“Simple to erect, everything just fits perfectly and of course, they are quiet, robust with no movement. Lots of components which keeps everything manageable. The back and side rails are excellent and keep us safe. The trolleys work well for storage and shifting the components about.

We used the risers for the first time at our rehearsal last night (June 12th).

All the comments were singing their praise and a great upgrade from our old risers.”

We love to share the awesome things our customers are doing, and we’d like to say thank you to the Plainsmen for allowing us to tell their story and be part of their success for years to come!

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