Mastering Outdoor Staging: Essential Tips for a Memorable Event Season

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Mastering Outdoor Staging: Essential Tips for a Memorable Event Season

Sunny days are just around the corner. If you’re anything like us, you’re eagerly looking forward to soaking up that sunshine. With the warm weather and long days ahead, outdoor events are at the forefront of our thoughts. To gear up for the upcoming season, here are some tips for outdoor staging.

Safety (Crowd Control)

Ensuring the safety of event patrons, performers, and security personnel is always #1. When considering crowd safety measures, utilize crowd control barriers to effectively section off areas where security and performers need access. These barriers not only help maintain order but also keep the public safe. Away from miscellaneous equipment and cords, minimizing tripping hazards and potential accidents.

Cover It Up

Keeping equipment covered and dry is incredibly important. UV rays and weather can seriously affect the equipment and safety of others. A tent or covered truss structure can protect the equipment from the elements. Protecting the equipment from rain, wind, and sun will increase the longevity of the equipment stretching out your investment.

Building a Dynamic Stage

Elevating performers onto a stage is always the first move. Adding an additional platform can not only elevate a drummer to the audience’s sightline but also create a dynamic performance space. Boosting the excitement with modular staging enhances the visual appeal and adds versatility, allowing for innovative stage setups and engaging performances. By incorporating modular staging, you can captivate the audience’s attention and elevate the overall experience, ensuring a memorable event for all.

Adapt to the Environment

We’ve all heard the mantra: ‘Leave it in better condition than how you found it’. Safeguarding the event area is not just a responsibility but also a valuable service. Mastering the art of strategically laying tarps to protect the grass and assembling portable stages on-site instead of dragging equipment contributes to protecting the venue.

By employing these practices, you demonstrate respect for the environment and property. You also enhance the overall experience for both attendees and organizers alike, ensuring a seamless and memorable event for everyone involved.

Using All Terrain

Not all outdoor venues offer flat terrain. An all-terrain stage with adjustable legs capable of leveling stages on steep hills or platforms can be a crucial asset when organizing outdoor events. Whether facing significant slopes or minor inclines, easily leveling an all-terrain stage is essential with properly equipped gear. Select equipment that can securely attach to ensure a stable platform.


As we gear up for the upcoming outdoor event season, it’s crucial to consider various staging tips to ensure a successful and memorable experience for all involved. From safeguarding equipment with proper covering and crowd control barriers to protecting the venue’s integrity through ground protection and leveling, each aspect contributes significantly to the overall success of the event.

Implementing these tips and techniques demonstrates respect for the property and elevate the event experience for attendees and organizers alike. So, as you plan your next outdoor gathering, remember these staging essentials to create an unforgettable Spring Fling.

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