Things to Keep in Mind During Your Summer Events

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Things to Keep in Mind During Your Summer Events

June 6, 2019

outdoor seating riser

Now that summer’s finally here, it’s time for outdoor events. From small gatherings at the local park to large events like golf tournaments or music festivals where thousands of people are in attendance, portable staging or seating is often used.

Regardless of the magnitude of the event, certain precautions should always be taken to ensure a safe and successful day for all involved. Here are four things you should do before the event takes place.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Keeping an eye on the weather is a good practice for any outdoor activity, even if it’s not a performance related event. When it is a performance event, it’s good to have a backup plan in place. If it’s a small event at the local park it’s beneficial to have the ability to move to the local gym or community center if rain is in the forecast. It’s difficult to know ahead of time because these events are usually scheduled months in advance, but if it looks like it’s going to rain in the days leading up to the event, it may best to move to an indoor location.

setting up for a concert in a storm

For larger events where moving indoors isn’t possible, it’s still smart to have a contingency plan in place.

Watch the weather and understand if the conditions are going to be dangerous for performers and patrons. You must be willing to take the correct steps to cancel or postpone the event when it is no longer safe to move forward. Though not always an easy decision, having this as part of your contingency plan will minimize the risk and ensure event success.

You should consult with the manufacturer of your equipment to determine the specific steps you need to take.

Make Sure Your Equipment is Weather Resistant

Building off of the previous point, you need to make sure the equipment you have is weather resistant.

Any equipment should be able to be outside for at least a limited time on a clear, calm day, but if it’s going to be out for longer than that or if it’ll be exposed to wind or rain you’ll need to consult with your manufacturer to be sure that you’re using the right gear so that your performers will be safe and your equipment won’t get ruined.

Accommodate for Uneven Ground

outdoor stage

When building a stage or a seating riser outside, you need to expect there to be uneven ground, just like in the photo above. High-quality portable equipment will have the capability to adjust to this thanks to adjustable legs and screw feet. This will allow you to have an incredibly sturdy platform no matter the surface you’re building it on.

Another thing to consider is if the ground you are going to set the stage or seating system on is capable of handling the weight of the event. Planning to distribute the weight over a greater area will ensure that the system will not sink into the ground and cause a major safety hazard for performers and patrons alike.

Know Your Equipment Needs Ahead of Time

Last but not least, you need to know what equipment you need ahead of time. This is important because outdoor events are usually being held away from the storage area for the equipment. Arrangements must be made to get the equipment from storage to set-up. If you wait until the last minute for this, you won’t leave yourself with enough time to deal with unexpected changes when they occur.

This is particularly true if equipment that you don’t currently own is needed. You’ll need to give yourself enough time to buy or rent it. It’s best to make sure you have everything you need months in advance.


As we continue into the summer months, chances are that you’ll likely be involved with at least one outdoor event. Regardless of what that event is or how large it is, the items in this article will help to make it a success.  

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