Summit Church’s Drum Riser

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Summit Church’s Drum Risers

February 3, 2021

portable drum riser

Summit Church, located in Centennial, Colorado just outside of Denver recently purchased brand new Rolling Drum Risers as part of a complete overhaul of their auditorium. They wanted the risers to add depth to the stage as well as making it easy to change up the stage for special events like Easter, Christmas, or conferences.

The most important factors in their buying decision were that the drum risers needed to be the right size, be made out of durable material, have the ability to move as needed, draw people to the depth to the stage, and look good. The whole idea behind their auditorium overhaul was creating simplicity and the risers needed to fit into this criteria.

After doing their own research and talking with their local contacts they decided to reach out to StageRight to see if we could meet their requirements. They had a very specific idea in mind and wanted that to be fulfilled. They weren’t going to settle for second best.

The specific product they ended up purchasing from us was the 8’ X 8’ Rolling Drum Riser. The reason they decided on StageRight was because we were able to execute upon their specific vision because of the custom options for our products. They also appreciated having a single point of contact throughout the entire process. This helped in being able to have quick communication so they could ask as many questions as possible to make sure they were getting exactly what they needed.

portable drum riser

The process from order to fulfillment was seamless. Here’s what Production Manager Tyler Weinischke had to say about it:

“StageRight made the process seamless! We had a lot of moving parts as I’m sure you can imagine with a complete AV overhaul and there was no added stress in the entire process of ordering to delivery of the risers. Sarah Waite was our point-of-contact and she did a phenomenal job of keeping me in the loop and ensuring I knew what was going on every step of the way.”

Now that they are using the equipment in the space, they got exactly what they wanted. The drum risers create elevation to the stage and can be easily moved as needed. Lastly, they bring a clean look to the stage and compliment the other elements as if they were built specifically for it.

We’d like to thank Tyler and the entire team at Summit Church for allowing us to be part of their success!

portable drum riser

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