Tips to Improve Your Sound Projection

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Tips to Improve Your Sound Projection

July 13, 2018



acoustic sound shell

Portable Acoustic shells and Orchestra Enclosures are great additions to any facility to help improve sound quality and keep the space flexible compared to a built-in system. These units have become a staple in many beautiful theatres worldwide. Along with theatres; schools and churches employ these units to improve their sound and support their different musical groups.

Portable acoustic shells are also a great investment for venues because they’re able to be moved between the practice space and performance area and not limit the use of either of those spaces. They transport easily and are not required to be used in a specific location but can be moved to suit the event. A great example of this would be when you utilize them behind the portable stage or riser for a truly portable performance area like a gymnasium. Another great feature is that they store very compactly when not in use.

music shell

The Orchestra Enclosures are used for a more permanent look like in a theatre or auditorium yet still are portable to allow other types of events in that space. When used in this setting, they provide a very rich appearance and ensure that the sound will be projected into the audience instead of the fly loft. Most sound shell systems are arranged to include both side and back towers and ceiling rows. The orchestra enclosure can accommodate lighting or other special needs that exist in the space.

orchestra enclosure
This enclosure for Eaton Middle School in Ohio uses our Sonata Acoustic Shells.


Regardless of how you’re using your portable acoustic shells, there are a few variables that will help determine what system is going to be best for you.

The Performance Space

The size and height of the performance space will dictate the size and height of the shell. When determining your arrangement, you should consider the size of the performance groups you will need to accommodate. This will have a direct impact on the number of portable acoustic shells or the size and shape of the orchestra enclosure.

The ceiling height of the room you’re in will help determine how tall your acoustic shells can be. Sound shell towers vary in height, so you’d need to make sure your ceiling is tall enough. Along with the ceiling height, you also need to pay attention to doorways. Most portable acoustic shells are able to fold down when you move them, but you still need to make sure they’re able to fit while folded.

folding acoustic sound shell

The Main Stage Space

When looking at using shells in the stage area of the theater and integrating ceiling cloud panels, the rigging system will determine what is possible and how large of an area you can accommodate. The unique layout of your performance area and the types of events you will be hosting will undoubtedly play a roll in how many you’re going to need. Some infrastructure improvements may be necessary if you find yourself hosting larger events and need a larger orchestra enclosure system. For this reason, it’s always best to speak with an expert who can walk you through this process.


Whether your performances happen in a large auditorium or in a converted gymnasium, acoustic shells can help your sound projection immensely. Determining the best system for your particular situation will go a long way to making it a worthwhile investment. Involving an expert will help with this process and make your performance look and sound better.

Project Spotlight

Check out the Opus II Concert Acoustic Shells that we provided for Bonita Center for the Arts in California.

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