Top Gear for Your Marching Band

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Top Gear for Your Marching Band

July 15, 2020

marching band tower

One of the primary school activities that begins in the summer months and continues through the fall is band camp. If you’re currently preparing for camp, there are a few pieces of equipment that’ll make camp and the season much easier.

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Marching band podiums are typically used by both the band director and the drum major. It elevates them so they can get a better view of the entire band. While not as tall as a tower, they are more portable and are used during the actual performance whereas towers are better used during camp.

marching band podium

A good podium will be sturdy, slip-resistant, and have handrails in addition to being easy to transport and set-up.

Portable Tower

A portable marching band tower will allow you to be high enough to see the entire band. This is a great tool to prepare for the season. Being this high will enable to more easily implement new marching formations.

Portable marching band towers are a much smarter investment compared to a built-in tower because they are usually more affordable and they can be moved to wherever they’re needed. They also have the ability to be taken down when needed and moved into storage.

Additionally, the tower can be used by more than just the band. Football coaches can use it during their practices.

Field Cart

marching band cart

Field carts make transportation much easier. They’re used to carry heavy equipment to and from the field. For halftime performances, they help to be able to set-up quickly so you don’t burn out parents who are volunteering their time.

Flag Cart

Marching Band Cart

Flag carts are used by the color guard to transport flags and other items such as batons to the field. Some bands actually use garbage cans for this, but those can be heavy, disorganized, and they require two people to move them. Having a cart keeps everything organized and is much easier to move.

A good flag cart should also have larger holes so that multiple props can go in each slot. Depending on the size of your color guard, each person can have their own space where they store all of their props for the performance. This improved organization will help speed up your set-up time.

Using these items will improve your marching band camp and season this year and into the future!

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