West Salem High School Multi-Purpose Stage

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West Salem High School Multi-Purpose Stage

May 6, 2021

show choir

West Salem High School in Wisconsin recently purchased a portable stage that offered versatility and was multi-purpose so that it could be used for a variety of different events including graduation ceremonies and Show Choir, as you can see in the photo above.

They needed the ability to easily reconfigure their system into different layouts and heights to meet the needs of these different events.

Their old staging was heavy, hard to move around, set-up, and take down. Facilities Manager Dan Heerts said that having carts full of deck tops and bins full of legs, then having to assemble it all took so much time and effort. They wanted something lighter, quicker, and easier to set-up which was the most important thing in their decision making process.

After performing a quick internet search for staging and risers, they found StageRight as a potential solution. The most important factors in choosing StageRight was pricing, design, and ease-of-use. The specific products that were purchased were the FR-2403 Fold & Roll Risers and an Access Ramp to be used for graduation ceremonies. This system had the versatility that was needed.

show choir

The process from order to fulfillment went very smooth. Here’s what Dan Heerts had to say about it:

“It was simple and straightforward. We went from order to delivery very quickly.”

Since taking ownership of their stage, they’ve been able to use it for everything from Show Choir performances and jazz band events, to graduation. It gets use at both ends of the facility from the Auditorium to the Gym so having that easy transportation is important.

Compared to what they were using previously, the set-up and take down is so much quicker and moving it in and out of storage is a snap.

Overall, the FR-2403 provides exactly what they needed. It’s versatile, reconfigurable, and easy to use. This one system can handle just about everything they do.

We’d like to thank Dan and everyone else at West Salem High School for allowing us to play a small part in their success!

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