What is Show Choir?

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What is Show Choir?

November 17, 2022

Show choir is a performance that combines choral singing along with choreography. It’s continuing to become more and more common in schools throughout the United States with the competitive season taking place during the winter and spring months often culminating with a competition between multiple schools. A performance may often be built around a theme and the members will wear costumes, similar to as if they were part of a theatre production. Props will also be used occasionally. The risers that show choirs perform on are usually arranged in either a 3X3 or 4X4 grid like in the photos below. They’re wider and are similar to a seated style riser to allow enough space for the performers to move around as they need to. The surface of the riser is typically a more reflective surface which is what you want for a more active performance such as this.

Since show choir competitions are timed, the time it takes to set up and take down your risers is key. Every group has their own set of risers and you ideally need a system that allows you to carry the deck and supports together. Stub leg systems aren’t the best for this as the leg will occasionally fall out and you’ll need to take extra time going back to pick it up.

3X3 show choir riser4X4 show choir riser

How is show choir different than a regular choir?

Show choir differs from traditional choir because of the choreographed dance routines and creative costumes. The music associated with show choirs can also be modern pop music or show tunes, whereas traditional choirs typically use more classical music. Take a look at the two images below to see the difference between a traditional choir and a show choir from a visual perspective.

Traditional choirs have also been around for a longer period of time and they are more common. Communities, worship facilities, and schools can all have their own choirs while shows choirs are typically only found in schools as of right now.

choir show choir

Benefits of show choir

The benefits that a school will see when having a show choir are similar to the benefits they see with music education as a whole. This blog post shares the data of how students develop better memories, get better grades, are more likely to attend college, grow from adversity, and make lifelong friends thanks to their involvement in music education.


Show choir is a change from more traditional choir and more high schools and colleges within the United States are beginning to offer show choir as another way for students to get involved and learn about music. As we continue to move forward, we expect to see even more schools offer this.

If your school is deciding on whether to start a show choir, consider the benefits above and contact our experts so we can help you get the right equipment to make sure you’re starting out on the right foot.

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