What We’ve Learned on the StageRight Blog in 2021

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What We’ve Learned on the StageRight Blog in 2021

January 6, 2022

We hope you’ve learned a lot over the last 365 days. Every year we like to recap the lessons shared on our blog that you can use in your program, venue, or organization. After all, we want to help you be more successful. Here are just a few of the most important lessons we’ve shared in the past 12 months.

Designing your Portable Space

Portable performance spaces are great. They can be reconfigured to meet the needs of any event and with the right equipment, any place can become a performance place.

While not “portable”, black box theatres are flexible and can be treated as a portable space when buying equipment because they can be reconfigured.

If you have a black box theatre or are planning on having one in the coming years, check out this article for the things you need to consider when it comes to your staging and seating.

While the tips for black box theatres may be applicable for other spaces, this article focuses on truly flexible spaces like a gymnasium, cafetorium, or all-purpose room.

Customization is Key

Customization can mean different things depending on the type of product or application. The overall goal is that your gear needs to fit your space to make your job easier and your events better.

Certain products have optional add-ons like guardrails or skirting while other products are truly custom like a pit filler or orchestra enclosure.

When it comes to something like a seating riser, you’ll need the right number of deck and support to create a layout that fits your space. While it’s not truly “custom”, it’s still customized to your needs.

Check out the three resources below to learn more about customization:

Customization is the Name of the Game

Seated Riser Customizations (and how this benefits you)

Customizing Your Performing Arts Center and Why it Matters

Funding Your Program if You’re a Music Educator

As you know (and are probably tired of hearing), we’re living in a unique time. This also means that you have a unique opportunity to acquire additional funds for your program. ESSER funds are going to be available in 2022 and 2023 creating a chance for you to invest in your students. Check out this post to learn more about it.

Our Customers are Awesome

Finally, we continue to be wowed by our customers. Below are a few of the projects we spotlighted in the past year.

Vashon Island School District (Washington) and Spring ISD (Texas) bought graduation stages.

graduation stage

graduation stage

Seven Steps Up (Michigan) accidentally started a rental company after buying a portable stage for their venue. Click here to see this incredible story.

outdoor stage

Lincoln High School (Ypsilanti, MI) has a new Orchestra Shell. Check out the video from Brian Westphal, their auditorium manager below.

Citylight Bennington (Nebraska) needed a portable stage for their church plant.

portable stage

East Holmes Local Schools (Ohio) bought new risers and a shell for their choir.

choral risers and shell

Summit Church (Colorado) bought risers for their drums and keyboard.

keyboard riser


We hope you’ve had a great year and want to wish you an even better 2022! Thank you for everything you do!

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