What You Need to Host an Event in a Gymnasium

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What You Need to Host an Event in a Gymnasium

April 24, 2019

school gym stage

The local school is a central gathering place for many citizens and community functions. In many locations, the gymnasium becomes the host for many different events. To meet the needs of the community concert band, local theater group, and in-house graduation ceremonies and concerts, the space needs many flexible products to pull off the different events.

You Need to Know What Type of Event You’re Hosting

The first thing that you need to do is know what type of event you’re hosting. While this may sound pretty obvious, it’s the most important thing because different types of performances require different equipment. If you have the wrong equipment, your event won’t go very well. Meeting these needs may require a portable stage platform, tiered risers, or some portable sound shells to help project the sound in the right direction. Larger events may combine all three elements to make it a success.

You Need to Know What Equipment You Need

Staying with the theme of the previous point, you need to know what equipment you need for the event you’re hosting. Here’s some of the most common equipment you’ll need when having an event in a gymnasium. For additional support on what equipment is right for you, contact our experts.


Whether you’re using a tiered riser or portable stage, supports are obviously important. They’re generally the first step when setting up a portable performance area. The only time when supports aren’t needed is if you’re using a riser that comes fully assembled as shown below.

choir riser

Most support units give you the flexibility to create different configurations which is one of the benefits of having a portable system.


Stage decks are what go on top of the supports. They can have a number of different surfaces including carpet, plywood, and standard deck surface materials. The surface you choose is important because different ones work better for different things. Check out this blog post about choosing the correct one.

Using dual-sided decks can be helpful because it allows you the ability to choose between two surfaces. Providing you with the correct surface for any event and allowing greater flexibility to help support the community and in-house activities.


Acoustic shells are great for sound projection and they improve the acoustics of the room overall. This is very important in an open space like a gymnasium. The shell should be set-up after the stage or risers because it needs to be positioned behind them so it can direct the sound towards the audience.


stageright portable stage stairs

There are many accessories that will put the finishing touches on your event. Things like stairs, ramps, and guardrails serve a valuable purpose, while skirting and backdrops give the portable performance area a permanent, finished look. The accessories you use will be determined by the requirements of the event.

You Need to Make Sure You Have Your Equipment Ahead of Time

One of the most frequent mistakes we see are people waiting until the very last minute to purchase the equipment they need. The key to any successful event is to plan ahead. In addition to making sure you have the equipment, make sure it works as expected and you know how to use it properly. This will ensure that you’re ready when it comes time for the event.

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