When Should You Repair or Replace Your Performance Equipment?

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When Should You Repair or Replace Your Performance Equipment?

September 14, 2023

choir riser

The performance equipment you’re currently using won’t last forever. Eventually, it will need to be either repaired or replaced for a variety of reasons either good or bad.

There are also different factors that go into knowing whether it’s time to upgrade and what avenue is correct for you.

When Equipment Can Be Repaired

The key for using any equipment, and this probably extends beyond the performance world, is to make sure it’s being used safely. This means that the platforms should be sturdy and support units should be completely intact.

If there’s any problem with this, it’s a clear sign that something needs fixed and it shouldn’t be used until the issue is taken care of. If it’s something minor, like a caster not rolling as well as it used to, this is an issue that should be taken care of but it’s probably ok to still use the equipment in the meantime.

drum riser rolling caster

When Equipment Should Be Replaced

Your equipment may need to be replaced, not just repaired, if something is compromised. To determine if you can repair it or if complete replacement is needed, please contact your manufacturer to be sure that you’re making the safest decision possible.

There are also many positive reasons as to why you may need to upgrade your existing equipment.

If you’re moving into a new facility, this can be a great time to make a change. Your current gear may not fit well within the new space and old, outdated gear can potentially put a damper on the excitement surrounding the new facility. If possible, invest in new equipment at the same time.

rolling folding choir riser

If your program is growing and you’re now putting on more productions or larger productions, investing in new equipment is a must. At a time like this, you can either expand your existing inventory of products, or you can completely replace your existing inventory as you buy new products. The decision made here will depend on the condition of your existing inventory.


When you initially think about needing to buy new equipment, you may think of it as a negative when in reality, it’s a positive thing. New equipment will be much safer and sturdier. This will help your events be more successful overall.

When deciding whether your equipment is safe to use or whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, consult with the manufacturer of the equipment so they can recommend the best course of action to take.

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