Why a Proper Fitting Orchestra Shell is Essential

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Why a Proper Fitting Orchestra Shell is Essential

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March 23, 2023

If you’re moving into a new facility, renovating your current one, or just getting new equipment, having a proper fitting orchestra enclosure is essential to ensuring the space will be used to its fullest potential.

Your performing arts center is where people will gather to witness the wonders of theatre, music, and dance and you want to create the best experience and environment possible for everyone involved.

The benefits of having a properly fitted shell are numerous in the pursuit of this goal and we’re going to talk about 3 of them.


Safety is first and foremost. A properly fitted shell from a reputable manufacturer is designed to be structurally stable and secure within its environment meaning that it’s specifically designed for the space it’s in and its surroundings.

This will help keep performers and support staff safe as they’re moving in and out of the stage area and it will optimize safety while the panels are being set-up and taken down.

Additionally, doors and walkways can be worked into the layout based on how the enclosure is going to be used. This is determined in the design phase with your manufacturer.


The purpose of an orchestra or acoustical enclosure is to enhance and project sound – hence the term “acoustical”. Having one that’s ill-fitting and too small for your space will allow sound to escape and not be projected where you need it to. Moreover, the shell helps to balance sound across the entire orchestra ensuring that no one instrument or section is overpowered by another.


pit cover and stage extension

The aesthetic of your space is important and your shell is going to play a huge part of that. On top of functionality, it provides a visually stunning backdrop that can compliment your stage design and lighting to create a cohesive and beautiful environment for both performers and the audience. The finish on the shell should either match or be an accent to the built-in components of the room.


A properly fitted orchestra shell is an essential element of any performing arts center that wants to provide the best possible experience for both its patrons and performers. It helps keep everyone safe, optimizes sound, and looks stunning. By investing in a high-quality, perfectly fitting shell, venues can ensure their performances are a truly unforgettable.

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